Nose Studs


Nose studs are also called nose barbells. But there are differences.

Nose studs have small ball-like endings at the other end of the nose ring shaft. So when you insert the piercing into your nose, the small ball will not allow the nose stud to slip our of the nose piercing hole.

If you frequently change your nose piercings, if you’re always on the go and love to experiment with your body jewelry, nose studs should be the right nose jewelry for you.

Moreover, you’ll never get bored with the variety of gems, dangles and logos you can get at the nose stud!

You can get simple gemstones, Austrian crystal, Cubic Zirconia and even diamonds! When it comes to the size of the gems, you can choose starting from tiny little 1.57 millimeters – this nose stud will be barely noticable and is perfect for more discreet occasions.

You can also choose plain balls instead of gemstones, or some other adornment – logos with different symbols or even dangles.

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Exquisite Diamond Nose Jewelry

Diamond nose jewelry is much more affordable than people believe. Why? Simply because the diamond nose studs and screws come with tiny diamonds – starting from only 0.01 carats! And all of our diamond nose jewelry is up to 80% off RRP. Click on the links below to see prices, larger views and the full catalogue available.

14k nickel-free white and yellow gold is standard in diamond nose jewelry – and nothing less sophisticated is used in these USA handcrafted nose studs and screws.

So you can be completely assured that the highest qualities of metals are used when making diamond nose studs and screws and you won’t develop an allergic reaction.

When it comes to choosing high quality diamond nose jewelry, you have two options – nose screws and nose studs.

Diamond nose screws are more secure held in place and they look like tiny hooks. You just insert them into the piercing hole, twist, and secure in place.

Diamond nose studs are made like straight barbells with the diamond at the outer end and a small ball-like ending on the other side. That is to prevent the stud from sliding out of the nostril.

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