Nose piercing hullabaloo

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Ashleigh in Doncaster, England

Nose Piercing Story


I first decided to get my nose piercing when I was 15.

I was in a shopping centre with my mum and I was buying a new school bag when we noticed the cashier at the desk had a little gem nose stud and it suited her really well. Not long after I had bought the bag my mum turned to me and said “You would suit a nose piercing” and I asked her if I could get it done one day and she said yes ❗

It was my birthday not long before so I had enough money to get it done and my friend Emily had told me of a tattoo studio called Limited Edition where she got her helix pierced. I looked on the website and found were it was – it was quite close and looked really good so I decided to go there. I was so excited I had never got a piercing before! 😀

2 weeks later I was ready and my friend Amber along with my mum came with me to the studio. It was very funny on the way there my mum linked arms with me and Amber and said “Come along pickles!” and we skipped down the road I had never been so embarrassed and amused with my mum before! 😉

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