Super-painful Nose Piercing Experience – But It Was Worth It!

Finding inspiration for getting a nose piercing wasn’t all that hard for me as a person. I love the way it looks!

In fact, I love piercings in general. Especially ear piercings. The other part of me was inspired because it would make my father angry. I love that too! 😉

It took a while but I convinced my mom to let me have it done since I’m still a minor. Though it took a LOT of betting in the long run. I was just about to give up, but luckily she said yes to me ❗

The place I chose, Ink Pit Tattoo, was recommended by my close friend Hallie. So her, my mom, and my other close friend, Riley, and I all went there in my mom’s car together.

Hallie kept warning me on the way there how much it would hurt, but it would be totally worth it. And she was absolutely right! Meanwhile beside me, Riley was trying to talk me out of it as we blared music down the highway. I think after a short period Riley gave up, knowing how I get when I have my mind set on something.

And to be honest, his complaints against the piercing fell on deaf ears in the car. Approaching our destination I started to get excited. I felt like a kid on Christmas day waiting to open up all the big bowed gifts under the tree! 🙂


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After school blues

This nose piercing story was sent in by Lauren Georgia from Cradley Heath, West Midlands, England

Nose Piercing Done With a Needle

I’ve had my nose done 4 times in total now, 3 with a gun and once with a needle.

The problem with getting a nose stud is that I couldn’t get a ring in and it also kept falling out in my sleep 🙁

My mum agreed to let me have it done with a needle so I went along to Nel’s body piercing studio in West Bromwich after previously getting my septum and a few other piercings there. I was first recommended it by a friend who had been before and told me of the excellent service she received, so me and my boyfriend went right after our last exam! 😉

Nel was really nice as always, he made sure that I liked where it would be and that I was sure I wanted it done, he also told me that it’s painful so I could make sure that I was up for it. He also made us feel at ease by joking about our uniforms. Also the studio was very nice, clean and sterile which is always important

Nel is the only piercer there which is reassuring as it’s always a familiar face after you’ve been once 😉 After going there I will definitely now be going every time I get a piercing as it’s good quality and none of my piercings have gone wrong there.

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