Nose peircin

By Kenya from Colorado.

Well what can i say, My name is Kenya Munoz, I am 16 years old,my birthday is July 4,and i have a boyfriend named Gerardo,and we have been dating for three years. January 14,2010was my 3rd year with him.

One day i asked my dad if i could get my nose peirced,and he answered me,that if i ever get anything peirced he would start drinking,and my dad is those strict parents you can ever imagin to have,well one day i got really mad at my dad,becuase i saw him drinking,so on December 20th,2009 i decided to peirce my nose.

I mean i did ask for permission,but he just never answered,so i just decided to peirce my nose since i saw him drinking,so i just grabbed a needle,the ones u stitch clothes and all that stuff with.

It was a miracle that it didn’t hurt,just the next day, my nose felt swollen,and yes i was going to peirce my belly button,but i have weird lookin belly button,so i am going to go do it behind my parents back,i am probably just going to tell my mom what is i am going to do,and i hop i will get my belly button peirced before valentines, I am very excited to get my belly button peirced!

My Beautiful Nose Piercing!

By Janine aged 15, Miami

Nose Piercing Story

Hi everyone I’m Janine and I’d like to share my nose piercing story with you. I am known to be the biggest baby when it comes to pain. I hate needles; I mean I REALLY hate needles! Ever since I can remember just the sight of a needle has made me want to faint which sucked because I really wanted to have my nose pierced. All of my friends were talking about it and one of my friends went and had it done. It looked amazing and I really wanted one.

I chatted about it with my mum and she first said I was too young. I begged her for two weeks and she finally gave in but said I had to have her with me and we had to go to a professional piercing salon. I was so excited but really nervous too!

We went to see a piercer not far from where we live in Miami and he told me exactly what to expect. He even showed me pictures of piercings he had done. Some of the pictures made me feel sick but I was still excited. My mum asked loads of questions and checked I was old enough which I was (you had to be at least 13). Then we got to choose what type of jewelry I wanted so I chose a really cute nose ring. They were fully booked for that day so I had to wait another week until I could get the piercing done. That week dragged so badly.

When I finally went back my stomach was doing flips and I felt so sick. I was thinking of backing out but I really wanted the piercing so badly. Then when it came to the actual thing it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I won’t lie – the part where they put the nose ring in did hurt. My eyes watered really badly and I wanted to cry. I didn’t but when they twisted the ring around I held onto the chair so tight my knuckles were completely white.

Now that I’ve had it done I am really glad that I didn’t back out. I’m now the envy of all of my friends and I have a really cool diamond stud which looks super cute!