Keeping Up the Family Nose Piercing Tradition!

Family nose piercing tradition

So I was 12 when I decided to continue on with the tradition of getting my nose pierced. It runs in the family for the ladies to have it. So 3 years passed and one day I was pumped and ready to do it! 😉

On the way there I was saying how I’m going to take it like a champ. We got to the place and there was a lady named Linda, she was going to perform the piercing for me.

She gave me the marker and asked me to dot where I wanted it. I found the perfect spot on my nose.

Before she even grabbed the clamps I broke down crying. Like sobbing and everything! 😡

I begged my mom to not get it but then my boyfriend Sam, walked in and I had to pick myself up. He asked if everything was fine and I said yes. I knew I had to go ahead and get through with this.

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