my nose

By Kayla, from Florida.

MinimumI’ve been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced since last summer, but about a month ago, I was thinking about getting my nose pierced. I talked to my mom about it, and at first, the answer was no, and there was no discussion. But I talked to her more, convincing her that it wasn’t that bad, and that I could take it out if anything goes wrong. A couple more days, and the deal is made. If I pass 8th grade without having to go to summer school, then I could get a piercing.

I was blown away. I looked into piercings and stuff and ditched the nose piercing. I was thinking about getting a labret instead. I still wanted my eyebrow piercing, but I didn’t think my mom would go for it, so I didn’t wanna ask and push my luck.

After going to a flea market and getting my nose pierced with a gun (thats a different story), it fell off when I was sleeping. So my mom then took me to a tattoo shop to get it re-done. I was again blown away. Yeah, I chickened out at the flea market and ended up getting thenose piercing. Don’t get anything pierced at an evil place like this kids!…Muahahaha

I was happy that my mom was taking me. I was actually gonna have it done at a real place. We drove to All Star Tattoos, and I was getting scared to go inside. But I did, and when I went inside, there was a girl who was about to get her belly button pierced. I guess that kindof made me feel better, that I wasn’t the only moron with my mom in the tattoo shop.

After sitting in the waiting area for about half an hour more or less, after looking at pictures and photos, after having the guy asking me if I decided yet every 5 minutes, after starting to think twice, I finally decided to get my nose pierced. I was considering getting my eyebrow pierced also, but I decided to wait a little while more for that.

I was finally ready to pay and everything, and I went up to the desk and payed $25. Then the piercer told me to go to that little room where he was sitting and he closed the curtain. I sat in this little leather bl!
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r and my heart started pounding, but I was excited.

First, he washed his hands, put on gloves, and got all the tools ready. Then he got some kind of cleaner and a q-tip and started spreading it over the area he marked of the spot to be pierced. I don’t exactly remember if he put something else on. =O

He then got a thin medal clamp and held it on the pen marked spot. He said to get ready, and I had my eyes closed as he put the needle through the hole in the clamp. I was holding my mom’s hand the whole time. My left eye was watering alot so the piercer gave me a tissue. It hurt alot yeah, I won’t lie and say it was all peachy, but at the same time, it’s pretty fun.

It was finally over. He sprayed it with some other cleaner and I went back to the front of the desk. He spoke about what I needed to get to clean the piercing, and I asked if H2Ocean I bought at the flea market was cool. He said yeah and told me to clean it every day and let it soak, and that in a few weeks I can change the jewelry to whatever Iwant.

The stud that was put in is a little diamond with a curve inside to prevent it from falling out. Evry day I’ve been cleaning it and eveything, and it looks perfect. I’m anxious to change the stud to maybe a ball enclosure loop, and for it to be healed already. It hurts like hell when I accidently pull the stud out, not sompletely out, but I tug on it and it’s sticking out sideways. Yeah.

Just go for your nose piercing if you really want it. I think I’d feel bare without it if I had to take it out now. It’s all great, you know. People think it’s bad and nasty and stuff, but if you wanna do it to your body, and if it will make you happy, then do it for yourself. YaYa.