My Nose and Navel Piercing Story

This nose piercing story was sent in by Maria Elise Goebeler from Boone, North Carolina

My nose and navel piercing story


After getting my ears pierced I decided that I was in love with piercings. I am 15 and got my navel pierced in February 2014. I got it done at Hidden Hands Piercing Studio which was the only place that would do it for a 15 year old. I did a lot of research to make sure that they were clean. I had to have a parent to sign papers, but mine were supportive of my decisions so it all worked out. The day before I got my drivers permit so I was not really focused on getting it done.

My piercer was very experienced and steady. When I had the piercing done, I had so much adrenaline running through me that I hardly felt it which is good 😉 She didn’t use a clamp which worried me a bit but it turned out fine. She also took the needle out and then put the barbell in. Afterwards it started to hurt a little more but a few days later it was fine and only hurt when I bent in weird angles. I got a sheet that had all the information that I needed on it which was very helpful.

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to not listen to the cleaning instructions and I got a healing bump from too much saline (the salt mixture they use to clean it). 6 months later I went back to get my nostril pierced which hurt even less than the navel piercing. I got it done at the same place but had a different piercer. He was a lot better and more experienced than the last one which I loved. He had all sorts of weird piercings and it was interesting to look at them. This is the third day I have had my nose stud and I love it ❗

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