Not as bad as I thought!

By Stephanie, from Knoxfield, VIC, Australia.

So after finally getting the approval from my parents to get my belly button pierced, I wanted to get my nose done. I don’t know what made me want it, I think it was Christina Aguilera’s pretty flower piercing. I thought tiny studs looked so pretty. I started to hint to my mum that I wanted to get my nose pierced for quite some time. Eventually she said ishe wouldn’t mind but it depended on what my dad says. I got the courage to ask them both but dad really didn’t like the idea. But I still wanted to get it. Mum said she would talk to him about it and 4 months later she found the perfect time to ask. It all came down to the fact that I’m old enough to get it done anyway. I’m almost 21 years old, but I would never do something against my parents if it means a lot to them. They thought it wasn’t such a big deal. I was so excited!

I decided not to go to the same place I got my belly done, I wasn’t happy with the service. I heard great things about this other place and booked a tim for me and my fiancé. When I got my belly done, he got his cartilage done (which was done badly and had to be taken out). This time around he decided to pierce his tragus. That day we chose our jewellery and waited for them to be sterilized. I really wanted a white gold and diamond stud but they were too expensive and decided to buy mine online at a later date.

The lady had excellent customer service and made us feel very comfortable. We had to go in one at a time for health and safety reasons, so I went it first. She said if I could handle the belly piercing, I was sure to handle this. I heard that nose piercings were much more painful than belly piercings and my belly piercing was complete agony so this wasn’t good news. She placed a dot on my nose and I took a good look at it and said it was fine. She told me to close my eyes as she placed a hollow, metal tube in my right nostril and had the needle ready to pierce. I was hoping that it wouldn’t hurt that bad and she counted to three and pie!
Pierced. WOW!

That was just fine! It felt like a little shock and the pain was totally bearable. My eyes watered just a little. The needle just slide right in. She said the worst was over, but I’ve heard that before and am sure it is not over just yet. She told me she was going to thread the stud in and I said “oh no…” and she assured me she was very quick. She wasn’t as quick as I’d hoped but it didn’t hurt at all. There was no blood which was surprising and I had a look at it and loved it. She told me to be careful when drying it after a shower, not to touch it, spray it twice a day with the antiseptic I bought and to remove any crusties with a cotton bud.

I’ve had it in for 7 weeks now and it’s healing well. It developed that ‘red bump’ you hear about so I started sea salt soaks. She also recommended I sleep with a band-aid so that I don’t knock it when I sleep (apparently people do this without realizing). I did so for 2 weeks and thought I wouldn’t need it anymore. Turns out, I do. I’v scratched and rubbed it in my sleep, and… it hurts.
I recommend anybody who wants to get their nose done, to totally go for it.