The best look ever!

By Jeannie, from the Bronx.

Hi! My name is Jeannie yea like genie in the bottle he he he my mother got the name from the show back in the days….I got my nose pierced on the right side exactly 2 weeks ago… I wanted my nose pierced for about five years.

I had my navel pierced when i was turning 16 I am now 26 and it loked awesome but i have 2 kids doesn’t look as great n e more. So i kept doing research on it cause i was a little afraid of the healing process and how painful it would be. My husband is not into tattoos or piercings so i had to keep telling him over over over that i really wanted this piercing so finally he gave in.

I went to a tattoo shop near my way because thats where every 1 around my way gets their tattoo and piercings done they are hygienic and professional and that was very important in my decision. So i begged my sister-in-law t get it done with me so she could go first and i can see it personally ha ha ha ha slick of me i know…Everyone kept telling me if u do it u gnna really look like ahindu cause i already look indian.

But i wanted it n e ways. So my sister-in-law was brave cause she had done it before but when it was my turn i was a bit nervous i started joking around with me to ease me down he was very down to earth loved that he made me feel relaxed so he explained every step before doing it which made me feel very safe and confident about doing it. So POW! He cleaned my nose with alcohol to disinfect then put the clamp to hold the nose before anything i told him where i wanted it then it was done with a needle was put through and my tears came down not because it hurt but because is the nerves of the nose and eyes connect.

It was the most prettiest piercing i have gotten yet. And yes everyone thinks i am hindu which i dont mind 🙂

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Submit your own piercing story and receive free body jewelry!