Nose piercing hullabaloo

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Ashleigh in Doncaster, England

Nose Piercing Story


I first decided to get my nose piercing when I was 15.

I was in a shopping centre with my mum and I was buying a new school bag when we noticed the cashier at the desk had a little gem nose stud and it suited her really well. Not long after I had bought the bag my mum turned to me and said “You would suit a nose piercing” and I asked her if I could get it done one day and she said yes ❗

It was my birthday not long before so I had enough money to get it done and my friend Emily had told me of a tattoo studio called Limited Edition where she got her helix pierced. I looked on the website and found were it was – it was quite close and looked really good so I decided to go there. I was so excited I had never got a piercing before! 😀

2 weeks later I was ready and my friend Amber along with my mum came with me to the studio. It was very funny on the way there my mum linked arms with me and Amber and said “Come along pickles!” and we skipped down the road I had never been so embarrassed and amused with my mum before! 😉

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Nose Deco Returns!

By Marian the Harley Chick, SF Bay Area – CA USA

Nose Piercing Story

Back in 1994, I had my nose pierced. I had gotten it done by a guy who used a piercing gun and then quickly swapped out the piercing jewelry for a post of my choice. I had left it in for a couple of years – I was a figure skater and I remember one time being on the ice with my coach and swiping at my nose and it fell out onto the ice. My coach watched (in horror) as I plucked it off the ice and put it back in and said “oops…”

I have forgotten why I took it out. It might be because my allergies are always having my nose ‘on the run’ and I got tired of dealing with it; I really can’t remember. Just one day I took it out and was ‘done with it.’

My ex husband never liked it so he was happy I took it out, but I found that I missed it in a strange way. He moved out in March, 2008 and I began a ‘new life’ so to speak. I started shedding pounds (not that I’m svelte now but I was a fatty then) and maybe I could call it a mid-life crisis or maybe not. I played with the idea of getting it redone but was terrified of a ‘non piercing gun’ approach.

The idea of someone shoving a hollow needle through my nose made me pretty squeamish-the scaredy whuss I am…so I decided to hold that thought for a while. I was dating a man for a few months and he shunned the idea of me doing this. When he dumped me in mid July I said okay that’s it. Who’s in charge here? I AM! I asked around for some recommendations and was told by my friend, L, as well as a lady I know at the Harley Shop that Body Exotic in San Jose, CA had been around for years and years and they used ‘hospital-like’ techniques.

So I called them up and they told me the process and I made the 20 minute drive to get it done. Daniel was my piercer, and he had me choose my jewelry to start. I chose a very tiny diamond (no not a real one). I was put in a room to lay down and he came in and prepped me. He looked at my nose and bent the jewelry to fit my nostril so it wouldnt be poking me.

The first time I had it done, that was never done; I wound up taking a pair of pliers and bending my jewelry. Then it began. He said “Okay you might feel a pinch…” My reaction? I started humming the Star Spangled Banner! 🙂 I have NO idea where that came from! But it was over pretty quickly and I could see the jewelry when I crossed my eyes .

I was very happy with the experience, but I kept knocking it out in the middle of the night which sucked. This went on for a couple of months – but finally stopped. It healed nicely and I’ve been able to change it but I am always very careful to disinfect any jewelry going in. Had the navel pierced a few weeks later and that story is on this website’s corresponding belly ring story area.

I think I’m done punching holes in myself… I dont’ want to start whistling when I’m riding my Harley down the highway!

14 yr Olds Nose Piercing

Nose piercing story

By Boris, Victoria, Australia

Hey well I’m 14 and i have wanted to get my nose peirced like since i was 5, and on my 14th birthday i was finaly aloud.

No one can guess how nervous i was.. about 4 days before i got it done i found out i was aloud to get it. I went on like 100 websites about nose peircings and how to look after them and watched heaps of movies on itunes there was one video that really freaked me out.

I was so nervous i wouldnt stop talking about it to everyone, the day had come the day i was getting my nose peirced i was excited and nervous at the same time we went shopping and then went to the peircing shop.

I was standing out the front of the shop for about 5 minutes deciding if i should go through with it or not! I went into the shop with my mum and i couldnt even talk i was shaking so much(all of the websites and videos made it look really painfull and scary) the guy kept saying to me how it was going to be fine and he told me what he was gonnna do.

He shoved a cork up my nose and i jumped coz i thought it was the needle and then he put the needle through i thought it was a pen or something i didnt even feel it! And he poked the stud through the hole if anything hurt that is wat hurt the most.

He told me to keep it in for 6 weeks. I recently went back to get some more nose studs i put one in and yeah its all fine now!

If you do go on websites and get really freaked out you should just get it done it’s so worth it and you won’t even feel it!