Young, Hardcore, and Seriously Naïve!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Makala Garloff from Santa Rosa, California.

Nose Piercing Story


On my 15 birthday my mom and I decided I could get my nose pierced. She had hers pierced at fifteen too! 😉

We went online and looked at reviews of local shops. They all had good reviews so we just picked the cheapest.

We showed up and everything seemed fine. The artist was really friendly and pierced up. She later told us it was her first day. This made me nervous but we continued…

She was struggling with the supplies. We marked where I’d be pierced. As she inserts the needle she starts to shake. It’s half way through when it breaks! 😡

I start bleeding like crazy. She starts to cry and apologize…

Another artist came in and fixed it. He apologized about the service and didn’t make us pay. We left directly after.

Since then I have had my septum pierced. That went much better! 😀

* * *

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I Almost Squished His Hand For Nothing!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ashley Carroll from Rochester, New Hampshire.

Nose piercing story


It’s been several days since I got my nose pierced, I am 21 and 3 months old. Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to get my nosed pierced, my dad’s side of the family is Italian and most if the woman in their 20s and 30s have their noses pieced. Unfortunately my parents were very strict about it growing up so I had to wait. I met the love of my life a few months ago and he encouraged me to get finally get it done.

We drove down to Connecticut to visit his old Navy base, while we were down there we checked out a few piercing parlors and found one that was the right price and had sanitary materials. We arrived at Vogue in the Crystal mall in CT.

The men there where incredibly nice! The guy up front I’m pretty sure was British. My BF and I giggled and questioned whether or not he is British. The guy went through how to take care of the piercing and how much it was, he also gave me a paper with all the care instructions on it. After he went through everything my BF and I final decided his accent was real.

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Murphy’s Law & My Nostril

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kailu McQueen from Longmont, Colorado. Thanks!

Nostril Piercing and Murphys Law


I’m a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 young adults. I’ve wanted my nose pierced for quite some time. I finally bit the bullet and went yesterday (5/9/14).

This piercing is my mother’s day gift ❗

Everything was going well, nose being prepped, and decision with a dot for which side. I picked out a cork screw piece of jewelry for my nostril (big mistake).

The procedure began (ouch) and then my piercer proceeded to insert the jewelry. It wasn’t going in well, and the bleeding started… 🙁

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Omg! What Was I Thinking?

This nose piercing story was sent in by Cheyenne Brown from Michigan. Thanks!

Nose Piercing Story


When I was 14, I tried to pierce my own nose (not a very good idea by the way!) I ended up getting the stud through, but the pain was horrific! 🙁

After a few weeks I took it out because not only was the pain horrible, but my friends weren’t the most careful around my face.

5 years later I decided to go get it professionally done 😉

My boyfriend’s mother wanted to surprise me by taking me to get it done. I’m so happy and thankful that she did! I couldn’t have asked for a better present. I’m in love with the results ❗

This should be the only way you ever get a piercing – professionals only! 🙂


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Beautified Poke

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kayla from Phillipsburg. Thanks!

Beautified poke nose piercing story


I’ve always loved the simple nose piercing.

I was sceptical about getting it done myself at first but then I finally decided to do it! I found an awesome piercer in a well sanitized shop & POKE ❗

IT took a minute! It healed within 5 weeks with mandatory healing directions and now that is how you’re beautifully poked ladies! 😉


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Nose Piercing Story – At Last!!!

This nose piercing story was submitted by Joshulyn in Locust Grove, Georgia!

Nose piercing


When I was in 7th and 8th grade, I became obsessed with body piercings. I told my mom that I wanted to get my belly button done at 16 and my nose after that healed.

Well I’m 17 now and December of 2013 I asked my dad could I my nose pierced and he said “Yes!” But he never took me to get it done… 🙁

March of 2014 I reminded him by saying – “Hey, could I get my nose pierced?” and he said “Yeah, let’s do it on Monday when I’m off and you’re out of school!”

So then after school my dad picked me up and my mom was in the car and we drove to the tattoo and piercing parlor and the piercer (she was so nice and cool) she asked for both mine and one of my parents IDs.

She gave me a few options on which color stud I wanted and I chose a red stud because red is my birthstone and that’s the first ring I always get with a new piercing (my second hole on my ears and my belly button).

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Uh Lala , My New Nose!

This nose piercing story was submitted by Soraya Caceres in Irving, Texas

Nose Piercing in Irving, Texas


So my mom always said I had a big nose and I would get mad so I asked her to get me a nose piercing, and she said yes ❗

We went to the piercing shop & I was sitting down thinking it was gonna hurt and I was holding my breath… I was so scared and Boom!

It was in & it was the cutest big nose ever! 😉

==== * * * ====

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Nose Piercing Story: 3rd Try

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Cece N, Biloxi, MS

Nose Piercing 3rd Try


So after 2 tries & fails in the left nostril I finally decided to give it another try & to also celebrate the birth of my 3rd child! 😉

Dec. 12th called up a local piercing shop to see if they could do it that night and they could even BETTER piercings are half off on Thursday.

This process was very different from the other two being this piercer had me lay down while he did my piercing.

I told him about my two attempts & fails he looked at the tiny but visible scar and decided to do the right nostril and also in a different placement.

He marked the dot on my nostril let me check it out in the mirror then told me to take a deep breath and pushed the needle through.

Quick easy and painless so far this piercing has lasted longer than my other two i’m VERY happy with it 🙂

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Nose piercing hullabaloo

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Ashleigh in Doncaster, England

Nose Piercing Story


I first decided to get my nose piercing when I was 15.

I was in a shopping centre with my mum and I was buying a new school bag when we noticed the cashier at the desk had a little gem nose stud and it suited her really well. Not long after I had bought the bag my mum turned to me and said “You would suit a nose piercing” and I asked her if I could get it done one day and she said yes ❗

It was my birthday not long before so I had enough money to get it done and my friend Emily had told me of a tattoo studio called Limited Edition where she got her helix pierced. I looked on the website and found were it was – it was quite close and looked really good so I decided to go there. I was so excited I had never got a piercing before! 😀

2 weeks later I was ready and my friend Amber along with my mum came with me to the studio. It was very funny on the way there my mum linked arms with me and Amber and said “Come along pickles!” and we skipped down the road I had never been so embarrassed and amused with my mum before! 😉

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Potato piercing!

By Courtney, from Ohio.

In January 2010 i decided i wanted my nose pierced. it would be my first rebellious act as an 18 year old, something my parents would never let me do.

I called up my friend chelsea. she has done numerous piercings, though not professional, and had no complaints. i left school and went to her house. being a needle aphobe i was completely terrified. the first thing she said when i walked in the door was “i have to find a potato” chelsea, a potato? really? what for? “to put up your nose silly.” chelsea are you nuts? needless to say she was not kidding. she cut a little square out of the potato and shoved it up my nose. never in my life had my nose produced so much snot. it was disgusting. but we got a good laugh about it. she opened up a new needle and was like alright im gonna shove this through your nose. awe come on chelsea did you have to show me that stupid needle? she called me a big baby and we laughed some more. the piercing went pretty well and it was over in a second. i looked in the mrror and admired my new adornment, then i looked around the room and looked at chelsea. i was like chelsea is it hot in here? she looked at me and said ?”are you kidding? its all over and youre gonna get hot and pass out now??” she got me a bottle of water and sat me on the floor. within a few minutes i was fine. its now june ive had no problems with my piercing and i absolutely love it. for work though i have to wear a clear ring. no problem.. i buy all of my nose rings at hot topic. i prefer the l shaped bottom ones. that way i am sure they stay in.

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