What Does The Nostril Piercing Procedure Involve?

Nose Piercing Procedure Understanding the nostril piercing procedure prepares you by letting you know what to expect when you go for your nostril piercing.

Nostril piercings look pretty and you obviously want it to heal quickly so that you can wear those lovely nose piercing jewelry varieties you’ve been seeing online!

So here is what you can expect during your nostril piercing procedure:

1. The piercer will first clean your nose with an antiseptic solution.
2. A cork will be fitted in your nostril to ensure that when the needle pierces your nostril, it does not injure your septum.
3. The spot to be pierced will be marked with a dot on your nostril.
4. Once you are satisfied with the spot, your piercer will show you a sterilized needle in a sealed plastic package, which will then be opened.
5. Expect your eyes to water when the needle pierces your nostril. You may bleed a wee bit, but don’t worry.
6. Your piercer will deftly remove the needle and get your nose piercing jewelry in.
7. After the nostril piercing procedure you will be advised not to touch your piercing with your hands and be given cleaning instructions.
8. While cleaning your piercing, you will be instructed to wash your hands with antiseptic soap. Your piercing must be cleaned with antibiotic cream to prevent infection.

The nostril piercing procedure, as you can see, is quite simple and quick. You will go home with strict aftercare instructions that you must follow very diligently. Do not attempt to remove your piercing at least for three weeks, until it has healed well! Your piercer will help you choose the right kind of nose jewelry so that it does not get caught in your clothing when you dress.

You must keep in touch with your piercer to make sure that the healing is getting on properly. In case you go to work and have to remove your nose ring, don’t leave your piercing that way for too long as it will just close up and you will have to go through the nostril piercing procedure all over again! Just take care to see that you go to an experienced professional piercer who knows exactly what to do! 😉

Where Does Nostril Piercing Come From?

Nostril PiercingNostril piercing is pretty much what it says – it’s a pierced hole that goes through the skin of a nostril.

The tiny little nose studs inserted in a small nostril piercing are discreet and sometimes barely noticeable.

I can imagine anyone from a secretary at the reception desk in a large global company, to a young schoolgirl wearing a tiny little diamond nose stud. They are a fashion to suit people in all walks of life.

But or course, there are other nostril piercings which may seem not as innocent as the previously described one.

There are many folks who love stretching their piercings and the nostril piercing isn’t an exemption. Large gauge nostril piercings are becoming more common among body modification fanatics and I guess we’ve all seen guys and gals with large plugs inserted in the either side of their nose.

But now let’s look at how the nostril piercing became popular here in the West.

Well, the direct inspiration for this was the Indian girls who wear nostril piercings like studs and rings to this day.

And when the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s became very attached to the eastern religions (let’s remember George Harrison from the Beatles!) – not before long they began piercing their nostrils and wear nose body jewelry.

So as opposed to the navel piercing for example, which went mainstream back in the early 90’s, the nose piercing has a longer history.

Double nostril piercings,  nasallang piercings, multiple nostril piercings and many other forms are all very popular nowadays.