This won’t hurt I promise..

By Samantha from GA.

These are the not so comforting words when me and my friend decided to pierce my nose! I was 15 and my mom told me that I had to wait til I was 15 to get my nose pierced me being so IMPATIENT I decided what the heck I might as welll do it myself.

It wasn’t traditional because the “studio” was my best friends bed room. I put ice on my nose for 30 mins and we sterilyed the needle her sister came in to “help”. “Ok samantha breathe in and out……this won’t hurt I promise” She started to drive the needle into my numb nose and I thought yayyy! Im soo close. Then before i know it her sister was there trying to help push it through when she got a phone call! She answers and says:”HOLD ON IM PUSHING A NEEDLE THROUGH SAMS NOSE!” and then with a sudden silence in the room it was done I took some antiseptic and put the nose ring in

I was sooo happy the only bad thing was my mom didnt know this just happened. I made my way home walked in the door draging my firend for moral support and walk into the paror just staring at my mom we exchanged a hello and i told her everything(almost everything) about my weekend. As I turn my head she has this look and she said:”sam u have glitter on ur nose” laughing to myself I say oh ya but she isn’t as blind as I thought and quickly realized what I had done.

The whole next couple of days was a little painful it took a couple of months for it to with with the help of sea salt spray from InkSomnia a tattoo parlor by my house. I was happy and relived that I could keep it and she even took me to buy some nose rings:)) I was happy becuase it really didn’t hurt but then again I iced my nose before hand proper cleaning was really my best friend. I went to walmart and the tattoo parlor for my nose rings even the icing the prices are usually around 10-20 it just matters how many and the type. Walmart is where I usually go $5 for 3 nose rings with the little ball at the end! I will never regret what I did yes a little stupid or immature but proper care and a understanding mom is all I really needed, its been 3 years since I got my nose pierced and I’ve never been happier!