Potato piercing!

By Courtney, from Ohio.

In January 2010 i decided i wanted my nose pierced. it would be my first rebellious act as an 18 year old, something my parents would never let me do.

I called up my friend chelsea. she has done numerous piercings, though not professional, and had no complaints. i left school and went to her house. being a needle aphobe i was completely terrified. the first thing she said when i walked in the door was “i have to find a potato” chelsea, a potato? really? what for? “to put up your nose silly.” chelsea are you nuts? needless to say she was not kidding. she cut a little square out of the potato and shoved it up my nose. never in my life had my nose produced so much snot. it was disgusting. but we got a good laugh about it. she opened up a new needle and was like alright im gonna shove this through your nose. awe come on chelsea did you have to show me that stupid needle? she called me a big baby and we laughed some more. the piercing went pretty well and it was over in a second. i looked in the mrror and admired my new adornment, then i looked around the room and looked at chelsea. i was like chelsea is it hot in here? she looked at me and said ?”are you kidding? its all over and youre gonna get hot and pass out now??” she got me a bottle of water and sat me on the floor. within a few minutes i was fine. its now june ive had no problems with my piercing and i absolutely love it. for work though i have to wear a clear ring. no problem.. i buy all of my nose rings at hot topic. i prefer the l shaped bottom ones. that way i am sure they stay in.

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This won’t hurt I promise..

By Samantha from GA.

These are the not so comforting words when me and my friend decided to pierce my nose! I was 15 and my mom told me that I had to wait til I was 15 to get my nose pierced me being so IMPATIENT I decided what the heck I might as welll do it myself.

It wasn’t traditional because the “studio” was my best friends bed room. I put ice on my nose for 30 mins and we sterilyed the needle her sister came in to “help”. “Ok samantha breathe in and out……this won’t hurt I promise” She started to drive the needle into my numb nose and I thought yayyy! Im soo close. Then before i know it her sister was there trying to help push it through when she got a phone call! She answers and says:”HOLD ON IM PUSHING A NEEDLE THROUGH SAMS NOSE!” and then with a sudden silence in the room it was done I took some antiseptic and put the nose ring in

I was sooo happy the only bad thing was my mom didnt know this just happened. I made my way home walked in the door draging my firend for moral support and walk into the paror just staring at my mom we exchanged a hello and i told her everything(almost everything) about my weekend. As I turn my head she has this look and she said:”sam u have glitter on ur nose” laughing to myself I say oh ya but she isn’t as blind as I thought and quickly realized what I had done.

The whole next couple of days was a little painful it took a couple of months for it to with with the help of sea salt spray from InkSomnia a tattoo parlor by my house. I was happy and relived that I could keep it and she even took me to buy some nose rings:)) I was happy becuase it really didn’t hurt but then again I iced my nose before hand proper cleaning was really my best friend. I went to walmart and the tattoo parlor for my nose rings even the icing the prices are usually around 10-20 it just matters how many and the type. Walmart is where I usually go $5 for 3 nose rings with the little ball at the end! I will never regret what I did yes a little stupid or immature but proper care and a understanding mom is all I really needed, its been 3 years since I got my nose pierced and I’ve never been happier!

Self Piercing – why not??

We get daily mails and requests for information on self-piercing. And there are reasons we dont provide information or respond to these requests!!

Most of the requests are from very young teenage girls who cannot get permission from their parents, or cant find someone to pose as a guardian at the piercing studio. We can not recommend piercing anywhere, but by a qualified piercing professional in a professional studio.

Once upon a time, all piercings were DIY piercings. Tattoo and piercing studio’s were a thing of imagination. There was no need for them. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians had no need for them. Its only in the last 30 years that the law has become so strict. But there is good reason for this!!

Three things are vital when having a piercing done:

  • Anatomy
  • Placement
  • Sterile-technique

Qualified piercing technicians have education and experience – they know what they’re doing!! You cannot learn the above or gain the necessary experience from the web.

If you decide to go ahead with a home piercing, you will most likely end up at the piercing studio because of infection. Worse still, it might turn out that you make a mess of it and ruin your chances of ever getting it done again!!

When you get pierced in a professional environment, you will also receive advice on piercing aftercare, and you can visit the studio any time you have a problem. So girls and boys, the advice I give is very simple – don’t try this at home!!

And Finally, we don’t give out DIY instructions because someone will sue us!!