Septum Piercing isn’t as Painful as You May Believe!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Quoshae Louise 

Septum Piercing isn't as Painful

So I already have my right side of my nose pierced.

This summer I started looking at the septum piercing. I didn’t like it at first. But then I started liking it and I wanted one bad ❗

Two days before school started and I still wanted it. I thought if I wanted I probably wouldn’t want it no more. NOPE! August 9, after school shopping I went to get my piercing.

When the lady told me to sit down I got scared!

She started cleaning the inside of my nose (Awkward).

When she put the thing on my nose my hands started shaking. (Like a p*ssy) But she counted to three and stuck the needle in ❗

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Painful septum, but worth it!!

By Erika from Molde, Norway. I got my septum pierced in November. I started thinking about getting it in October, and some of my friends had some piercing and stretched lobes. I googled septum piercings alot, and i became more and more obsessed on getting one.

My friend had pierced her lip before, and I decided to make her do it, because all the piercing studios near me had a 16 year age limit on all piercing. So, that cold day in November we went to her place with all the stuff we needed, included a proper gauged piercing needle.

We got all this at the drug store. She had made the dot on my septum, and i was so nervous i thought i was dying, i was really shaky and afraid, but when she pushed the needle through it felt so good! I had the piercing needle in for a few seconds, and then she inserted a tiny horseshoe ring made of surgical steel.

My friend was very patient and gave me loads of tips how to take care of my new septum. On the bus home, i was so happy that i finally got my septum done! my parents were a little grumpy but they said it was okay! I took about 4 weeks to heal, and i had no infections whatsoever!

Today, i have a normal “bullring” with one ball. My jewelry is 1.6 mm and around 9 mm in diameter. Im waiting to get a 2 mm septum pincher, because i would like to try septum stretching. I have ordered the septum pincher on a website called crazy factory, but i’m not so “good” at shopping piercing stuff at the internet, i just googled it and that site popped up! I recommend getting a septum piercing!!