Surgical Steel Nose Rings


The majority of nose rings are made from surgical steel. Other types of metal are titanium, gold, silver and platinum, but the surgical steel nose rings are the most popular. This is for three main reasons:

  1. This material is the least costly for production and is body-friendly.
  2. Surgical steel nose rings are commonly used in the first time nose piercings.
  3. Surgical steel nose rings also offer a huge choice of styles, varieties and colors.

The simplest type of a surgical steel nose ring is the nose stud, a simple, straight barbell. Then there are many different twisted nose rings; U-shaped and L-shaped surgical steel nose rings. Choose the one you are most comfortable with. What is the difference between simple steel nose rings and surgical steel nose rings? Surgical steel differs from normal steel in chromium content. This metal gives the steel the corrosion resistance. And there is much less chance of allergic reactions.

The use of Molybdenum in Surgical Steel jewelry increases the hardness so that the steel is especially enduring. After all, this type of steel is used to make surgical instruments, hence the name surgical steel! When you buy surgical steel nose rings,  you’re getting only the highest quality material.

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Surgical Steel Red And Black IRON CROSS Logo Nose Ring

Today, I have a body jewelry item for you that depict bravery – a surgical steel red and black iron cross logo nose ring. Logo jewelry looks very striking when worn in visible piercings like nose piercings. This one is no different – and you can show off your knowledge about World War II by turning your nose ring into a conversation piece.

The Iron Cross was a military decoration awarded for battlefield bravery and outstanding leadership. It is a black four pointed cross with the arms of the cross wider at the ends. Your red and black iron cross logo nose ring, apart from its classic color combination, is an 18 gauge nose ring with the iron cross photo inlay.

The material is 316L surgical grade stainless steel, 100% safe to wear, especially for initial piercings. It is about 6 mm long and easy to wear and take off. So if you must take it off while going to work and put it back on again after you leave your office, you can do it in a jiffy.

Enjoy your nose piercing with this interesting surgical steel red and black iron cross logo nose ring!