My glitter glamour nose ring!

By Senne, from Netherlands.

I was familiar with piercings when i hit 16 years of age. My friends all had stretched lobes and various piercings in the ears. My friend went for a tongue piercing and we all made fun of her while it was looking like the mount everest.

Someone else was thinking about also getting one. Her friends were also in for an eye brow piercing and a skin diver. We decided that we could all go together. So this one girl found a shop where we could get it done for 20 euro’s because they were open for 15 years. We decided on a date and took off first eating french fries and then heading for the shop.

So we came in and they were surprised about our number, 5 people. The shop looked pretty good and the piercing room was in a sterile room in the basement. When it was my turn for my nose i went down and talked a bit with the lady about the reasearch i had done. She said that it would 1.2 mm and i was a bit hestitant because i hadn’t found much jewelry for 1.2 mm. But alas body’s must be pierced so she said were do you want it?

So i got the pen and made a dot on my nostril. First she showed me what jewelry would go in my nose it was a ball closure ring of 9 mm diameter. She told me to lie on my back. My big docter martens tore up all the paper that was put on the bench. She told what she was gonna do and i had to close my eyes because she said they would water really much.

She put the needle in and it hurt a bit and my eyes DID water. I accidently opened them and cried all over myself. She had to push a little harder because my nostril was bigger then she thought. It was time for the BCR and that did hurt a bit. But then it was in and she put the ball in with a little bit a hassle. She then cleaned the blood i had spilled maybe about one drop total with a cotton swab and told me i should do the same when it happened.

I was done crying over myself and walked up the stairs to meet the eyes of my friends. Now i really enjoy it! Thinking about a septum though.. Oh the joy of addiction!