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This nose piercing story was sent in by Faybiene Angol from Christiansted, Virgin Islands

Nose piercing story

So I Got My New Nose Piercing On The Eight Of August Which Was Just Last Week Friday.

I Basically Got It As A Symbolism Of How Pierced My Heart Felt When Someone That I Really Loved And Ended Up Hurting Me. Pretty Corny But I Didn’t Get It Just To Get It Or Be In The Crowd.

I’m A Funny Chick, Very Outgoing, and Outspoken At It Too. I Like Exaggerating Pain When It’s Really Not That Bad Whatsoever. I Guess I Do It To Overbear The Fact The Feeling Could Be A Whole Lot Worst.

So I Go In The Jewelry Store During My Lunch Break To Finally Do It And Get It Over With Because I’ve Been Dying To Do It. I Think She Sucked Because Right Now My Nose Isn’t Swollen But My Piercing Sunk.

When I Was Getting My Piercing Done I Stood In The Middle Of The Jewelry Store And Prayed Out Loud. People Was Laughing And Video Tapping. It was Almost Like A Skit. So She Wiped My Nose With An Alcohol Pad And When I Saw Her Pull Out The Nose Gun I Over Exaggerated And Screamed No And Jumped Over The Counter Begging For My Life.

Couple People Asked Me If I was High because I Was So Into My Feelings ❗

I Cried While I Was Getting My Piercing Done, Not Because It Hurt But Because The Diamond In The Stud Was Silver. I Was All In My Feelings. I Kept Asking Questions Like Why Is The Sky Blue And Where Do Babies Come From And Why Are They Called Piercer If They Aren’t The One Getting Pierced.

I Was Asking So Much Questions To Avoid The Pain Of Being Pierced By A Gun But The Pain Wasn’t Even That Bad 😉

It Feels Like A Kindergartner Pinching You For Two Seconds. There’s More But Thanks For Listening.

BTW I Don’t Know What I Should Do With My Sunk Piercing. Do I Leave It Alone? Push It Up A Bit? It’s Not Sunk All The Way In.

Please check out this article on how to deal with nose piercing sinking in!

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