Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

The Happy Ending

 By Cheyanne from Vermont, U.S.A.


When I was about 10 I saw someone with a nose piercing and i REALLY liked it! I wanted one really bad, but my mom said I was way too young. I didn’t agree with that. I didn’t care that I was too young, I just wanted one, and I wanted one now. I begged and begged for her to change her mind, and as you know begging doesn’t get you anywhere with stubborn parents. So I gave up asking, and just daydreamed about it. I looked up pictures online, and looked at youtube videos, except some scared me, because the people had tears in their eyes, and made faces like it hurt like nothing else.

I never forgot about that nose piercing, so when i was 14 I asked my mom if i could have my nose pierced for my birthday, and she said she would think about it. I was nervous cause i didn’t know what she would say. After a while thinking, she said i could have it done! I was so excited, it was one of the happiest days of my life haha. But then after she said yes, i started coming back to reality, and i got really scared.

She called the piercing/tatoo place and made an appointment for the next day. I am a worry wart, so i was thinking of all the bad things. I could hardly sleep. The next day came and it felt like i had a knot in my stomach. We went to the place, and i was shaking. I got in the chair, and the man was really nice, and for some reason i felt like i trusted him to do this. He told me what was going to happen, and that i wouldnt regret it. So then i started thinking about all the good things. I took a deep breath and he told me to close my eyes, stuck a cork up my nose and then…”wait arn’t you gonna stick the needle in?” haha i thought he didn’t do it. But then he was like i did, now i have to insert the jewlery. That hurt a little more then the needle did. Then he handed me a little mirror and it was georgous!! haha i was soo happy! 😀

I was so glad i did it, so people out there deciding on getting it done or not, really go for it!! you WILL NOT regret it!!

2 thoughts on “The Happy Ending”

  1. oh my god i am in the same situation but am 17 and my mom wont let me get it done until five months and until i am 18. uuuuhhhhh it anoys me! anyways nice story, i can’t wait until my day comes. i am getting it done on my birthday no matter what!

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