The Piercing That Caused My Trust Issues

This nose piercing story was sent in by Kelia Williams. 

Piercing that caused my trust issues

It all started with a visit to New York – which is where I’m from! 😉

The whole trip all I talked about was getting my nose pierced as I wanted it done for a while and I refused to start my senior year in high school without one!

Luckily they got the hint and took me to Brooklyn to get it done the next day. This was going to be my 5th piercing and even after all of those I was still scared 😡

The guy we went to said he was experienced but I was weary because I’m usually a loyal Claire’s piercee but they don’t work anywhere below the ear. He asked me which one I wanted and they were all pretty much the same but I picked a gold plated diamond stud.

The guy got his needle thingy and he went up to me and said he was going to mark my nose for my piercing and strangely enough I believed him but before I could even think about any sudden betrayal he did it and I automatically started crying out of my right eye! 🙁

I usually hold a hand but my grandma (who I was calling for the whole time btw) was taking so long to take her new iPhone out that she didn’t even make it in time. She didn’t see it coming either! 😉

* * *

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