Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Yellow Gold Nose Rings

Gold nose jewelry comes in many colors, shapes, variations and styles. The choice is incredible!!


First of all, you have to choose which style of gold nose rings you prefer. There are nose hoops which look like actual rings when inserted into the piercing. Then there are nose piercings with a gem or some other logo attached to the shaft.

You insert these gold nose rings into your nose piercing and only the adornment becomes visible.These gold nose rings differ not only by the beads, but also the style of the nose ring shaft.

If it’s a straight barbell and then it’s called a gold nose stud. It can be twisted so that it holds in better and it this case it can be called a n1ose screw. These screws in turn come U-shaped and L-shaped, with the U-shaped being probably the most comfortable ones.

The U-shaped gold nose rings come in two different styles depending on which nostril you’ve pierced.

Look at the variety of yellow gold nose rings below – yellow gold hoops, studs and screws, with gems and plain endings, and find your ideal piece of gold body jewelry!


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