A Simple Beauty with Nose Body Jewelry

by noseringsadmin on March 28, 2014

Girl with rose and nose piercing

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While some women enjoy gaudy and flamboyant makeup and accessories, others of us prefer a more simple kind of beauty and choose to accentuate – rather than cover up and replace – our natural features with light makeup and nose body jewelry for a radiantly fresh appearance.

One excellent example of this approach is the girl in this picture. With her warm skin tone and bare collar and neckline, she demonstrates the natural beauty of the human body. The green from the rose stem brings more life to the look and the single red rose itself complements the dark color of her hair.

The monroe and left nostril piercings she gracefully displays balance one another semi-symmetrically on her face and enhance her simple look by adding a bit of shine to it as well as drawing one’s eyes in to her young, pretty face. With a breezy touch of makeup added to the mix, her look is brought to life even more and and the two piercings seated amidst it all are in ideal position to bring out the best of it! ;-)

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2 Nose Piercings Within 24 Hours

by noseringsadmin on March 25, 2014

This nose piercing story was sent in by Jennifer in New York!

2 Nose Piercings Within 24 Hours

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I had only had my nose ring for 12 hours and I got it caught on my shower loofah while showering and it fell out! :mad:

I’m new to the piercing scene so I could not get it back in…

It was a screw too so that made things much harder. :-(

Long story short, the shop couldn’t get it back in either saying it had closed on the inside.

That left me with two choices…wait for the right side to heal, redo the piercing or let it close and pierce the other side.

Getting nose re-pierced after first nose stud fell out

I chose the latter and boy I tell you – two piercings in less than twenty four hours is a trip! Worth every minute of it though. ;-)


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Nose Piercing Story – At Last!!!

by noseringsadmin on March 17, 2014

This nose piercing story was submitted by Joshulyn in Locust Grove, Georgia!

Nose piercing

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When I was in 7th and 8th grade, I became obsessed with body piercings. I told my mom that I wanted to get my belly button done at 16 and my nose after that healed.

Well I’m 17 now and December of 2013 I asked my dad could I my nose pierced and he said “Yes!” But he never took me to get it done… :-(

March of 2014 I reminded him by saying – “Hey, could I get my nose pierced?” and he said “Yeah, let’s do it on Monday when I’m off and you’re out of school!”

So then after school my dad picked me up and my mom was in the car and we drove to the tattoo and piercing parlor and the piercer (she was so nice and cool) she asked for both mine and one of my parents IDs.

She gave me a few options on which color stud I wanted and I chose a red stud because red is my birthstone and that’s the first ring I always get with a new piercing (my second hole on my ears and my belly button).

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Uh Lala , My New Nose!

by noseringsadmin on March 17, 2014

This nose piercing story was submitted by Soraya Caceres in Irving, Texas

Nose Piercing in Irving, Texas

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So my mom always said I had a big nose and I would get mad so I asked her to get me a nose piercing, and she said yes :!:

We went to the piercing shop & I was sitting down thinking it was gonna hurt and I was holding my breath… I was so scared and Boom!

It was in & it was the cutest big nose ever! ;-)

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Nose Piercing Story: 3rd Try

by noseringsadmin on February 19, 2014

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Cece N, Biloxi, MS

Nose Piercing 3rd Try

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So after 2 tries & fails in the left nostril I finally decided to give it another try & to also celebrate the birth of my 3rd child! ;-)

Dec. 12th called up a local piercing shop to see if they could do it that night and they could even BETTER piercings are half off on Thursday.

This process was very different from the other two being this piercer had me lay down while he did my piercing.

I told him about my two attempts & fails he looked at the tiny but visible scar and decided to do the right nostril and also in a different placement.

He marked the dot on my nostril let me check it out in the mirror then told me to take a deep breath and pushed the needle through.

Quick easy and painless so far this piercing has lasted longer than my other two i’m VERY happy with it :)

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Who Said Nose Rings Can’t Look Elegant?

by noseringsadmin on February 5, 2014

Elegant Nose Ring

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Typically when it comes to nose rings, we think of those tiny little nose studs which look really elegant and can be worn even on occasions when other types of body jewelry would probably be considered a little bit inappropriate.

When you insert a full ring into your nose, more often than not it does actually look a little bit rebellious, but on the rare occasion you can achieve a look that’s elegant, discrete and looks just right given the right type of haircut and clothing.

Just have a look at this beautiful young girl wearing a full nose ring.

The ring isn’t massive, it’s barely noticeable, and it really complements the style and look of the person.

Don’t you think so? ;-)

And by the way – here you can check out our range of nose hoops so that you can choose the best looking nose jewelry for yourself!


Nose piercing hullabaloo

by noseringsadmin on January 21, 2014

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Ashleigh in Doncaster, England

Nose Piercing Story

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I first decided to get my nose piercing when I was 15.

I was in a shopping centre with my mum and I was buying a new school bag when we noticed the cashier at the desk had a little gem nose stud and it suited her really well. Not long after I had bought the bag my mum turned to me and said “You would suit a nose piercing” and I asked her if I could get it done one day and she said yes :!:

It was my birthday not long before so I had enough money to get it done and my friend Emily had told me of a tattoo studio called Limited Edition where she got her helix pierced. I looked on the website and found were it was – it was quite close and looked really good so I decided to go there. I was so excited I had never got a piercing before! :grin:

2 weeks later I was ready and my friend Amber along with my mum came with me to the studio. It was very funny on the way there my mum linked arms with me and Amber and said “Come along pickles!” and we skipped down the road I had never been so embarrassed and amused with my mum before! ;-)

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Septum Piercing Story: Piercings and Heartbreak!

by noseringsadmin on December 29, 2013

This piercing story has been sent in by Victoria from Illinois!

Septum Piercing

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I have had about 11 piercings throughout my life. I think they’re beautiful and fun and a great way to express yourself.

I dated this guy for a while. He hated all of my piercings. He didn’t like piercings at all, in fact. So I did end up getting rid of a lot of them for him.

Which I regret. I have always wanted a septum ring! But he hated that most of all! Eventually, like expected, things ended. I was emotionally crushed.

So in return, I had my friend, who does piercings, pierce my septum! I was so excited. And nervous!

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my nose ring story.

by noseringsadmin on June 22, 2013

By Jaylyn, from Al.
plp315ws4m_fbu-001Dear All,

I hope you will enjoy this :

First let me put the background so that the matter becomes easy to understand
I am a 18 year girl from Mobile (alabama) i asked my mom can I get a piercing on my nose.

The story begins like this. I was informed earlier that ‘They’( onlaws our place for this. They added that its their family tradition. I was also informed that the piercing will be done at my home with a silver-needle. I was scared, even my MOM do not have a nose-pierce. The last piercing I had was my ears and I dont remember the episode even
That was a Tuesday morning.

They arrived at our resi at arround 11am. I was in my room. My Mom called be downstairs.
I saw my would be Mother-in-law with two other lady members of their family . I got introduced once again . We had tea together and had a chat for almost half an hour. I was tensed as I knew that any moment they will start the process.
Then suddenly my MIL asked me whether I am ready for it or not. My MOM answerd them tha I am very scared, my MIL smiled and said ‘nothing to scare- it a family tradition and there is no way to avoid the same’

My MIL took out a small red box from her handbag and handedover the same to one of the lady members.
The lady asked me to sit on the floor and aksed my mom to get a candle.
I sat on the floor silently. My mom came back with a candle. The fan was switched off the candle was lightened.
The box contained a silver-needle which to me was too big and thick. I cant tell the size but it should be ( _______________ ) this big. The thread had turmeric coated on it. The thread was first folded into two equal parts and then passed through the needle-hole . Once its passed through the same was again folded in two equal parts. So it was basically 4 threads together.
I was very scared but could not speak. My MIL was sitting in front of m im not marry bt it a fsmily thing they get a say so too;; please send my nose ring thnk hope u in joy


Bridge Jewelry

by noseringsadmin on January 2, 2013

Bridge JewelryBridge jewelry is worn in the bridge piercing, which is an interesting nose piercing that is located almost directly between the eyes across the bridge of the nose. It is also called the third eye piercing. This piercing goes horizontally through the little stretch of skin at the top of the nose.

You can also have a vertical bridge piercing which is a surface piercing and not the same as the horizontal one. The piercing is done with a straight or curved barbell. You can also have a shallow piercing where you can wear a smaller bridge jewelry ring. If you plan to wear a ring, make sure your bridge piercing is completely healed. The ring must preferably be a D ring that permits comfortable movement. If not, it can migrate or cause scars. This is especially so if it is too close to the bone, when it is forced to move forward. These piercings are generally 12 or 14 gauge piercings.

With bridge piercing, you need to have some easily stretchable skin between your eyes. If the skin is taut, it can take longer to heal an also result in migration and scarring. Sometimes it ends up healing crooked. To make sure this does not happen, go to an experienced piercer who can mark the right location at the top of your nose, taking your face into consideration. Finding the right spot is quite tricky.

The most common bridge jewelry used includes curved barbells and straight barbells. Some people prefer to wear seamless rings, although the body can reject this kind of bridge jewelry. Barbell designs are considered best. It is made of a central shaft with a bead at both ends. Barbells can be straight, curved or circular. The beads can screw on over internally or externally threaded design.

With bridge jewelry, making the barbells is a unique process that uses lathes. You can get handcrafted barbells that are more expensive than the machined ones in a huge variety of materials, colors and designs. Some bridge jewelry comes with interesting embellishments that you would be proud to wear. Generally, Bioplast is considered best for its versatility and flexibility so you might consider getting in bridge jewelry made of Bioplast or PTFE.

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