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How to Deal With Nose Piercing Sinking In

Although it’s normal for people not to have any significant problems with the healing process of a new nose piercing, one of the most common issues we hear about from those who do is the nose piercing sinking in to the hole or skin growing over the stud of the jewelry.

If you’ve noticed this starting to happen with your nose piercing – DON’T PANIC! There are many tricks and tips that can help you get through it smoothly. You’ll have your nose piercing in tip top shape in no time. Read on!

How to Prevent Nose Piercing Sinking in

For the initial piercing, a piercer will usually use nose jewelry with a longer post and large jewel or ball on top. This is so that it won’t “sink” into your piercing hole during the post piercing swelling. This will allow extra room for the swelling that occurs after being pierced so that the jewelry won’t be too tight. Once the swelling has gone down, you’ll have healed enough to trade the jewelry out for something smaller.

However, sometimes the piercing can become displaced or other factors can cause the jewelry to “sink” or the skin grow over.

Skin Growing Over Nose Piercing

If you have skin growing over your piercing stud you’ll want to be sure not to leave it for long. The longer the skin is allowed to grow over the jewelry, the more painful and complicated it’ll be to fix. If it’s not too painful and doesn’t look infected, try pushing the stud through the layer of skin as soon as you notice it growing over.

Change the Jewelry

Next, you’ll want to change the jewelry to either a hoop or a piece with a longer post or at least a bigger stud. Usually, I’d recommend switching both but if you already have a long post in with a small stud on the end, switching the stud may be enough or vice versa.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, I recommend speaking with your piercer – or possibly another piercer – about your situation.

It’s advisable to have your jewelry changed by a professional piercer when possible anyway. If it’s the same piercer, he or she may even switch your jewelry at no extra charge! Of course, the most surefire way to make sure your piercing doesn’t sink in again is to switch your stud for a hoop like this one.

If you like or don’t mind the look of a hoop then definitely switch to a hoop. If you don’t like the hoop look, try to wear a hoop at least temporarily. At least until your piercing heals or you find jewelry with a big enough stud to stay out of your piercing hole. (Added bonus: hoops are easier to keep clean!)

changing to a hoop nose piercing prevents nose piercing from sinking in or growing over

Watch Out for Signs of Infection

If the piercing IS infected, it’s highly recommended that you see a physician ASAP. Here are signs you can check to determine whether you have an infection. If you notice any of the following, please consider a visit to your physician:

  • An increase in pain, redness, swelling, burning, or tenderness around the piercing site.
  • Swelling or tenderness in lymph glands above or below the piercing
  • Greenish yellow discharge. (A bit of oozing or bleeding is normal but pus can be a red flag. Especially when combined with other infection symptoms)
  • A fever

If you do NOT have an infection, you can use the following techniques to decrease the swelling around your piercing. Also use these tips to keep the site as clean as possible so that it’ll heal quickly.

How to Clean Your Nose Piercing

If you’re currently using sea salt soaks but experiencing dryness or irritation around the socket/piercing hole, try exchanging your soaks for bacitracin.

You can apply bacitracin by putting a dot of the ointment on a q-tip. Use this to rub over the outside of the piercing area. Especially focus on where the post of the jewelry enters the hole. This will help to prevent infection and keep the socket mosturized.

You can also rinse the socket out to remove any debris, oil etc by running it under water (i.e. the shower). While running it under water, slowly and carefully pushing the jewelry back and forth in the socket. Follow up after the rinse with a bacitracin application to keep the piercing site moist.

For more tips on looking after your nose piercing, check out my article on nose piercing aftercare.

Final Words: How to Deal With Nose Piercing Sinking In

Choosing a piercing with a longer post and bigger ball is the first step to preventing your nose piercing from sinking in later on. This will also help prevent the skin from growing over the piercing. Following this, changing the jewelry to a hoop for a period of time is a surefire way to eliminate this problem.

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  1. I got a nose piercing about two weeks ago with a gun and it’s healing fine so far but there is discoloration around the new piercing and the stud is sinking into the piercing a bit, should I take it out and replace it with a larger stud? Or leave it and let it heal

    1. It is important to keep an eye on any changes or abnormalities with your piercing, especially if you notice discoloration or the jewelry appears to be sinking into your skin. I recommend removing the jewelry and cleaning the area thoroughly. If the discoloration or sinking persists or the area becomes more painful or tender, you should consult a healthcare professional. It is generally best to err on the side of caution when it comes to body piercings!

  2. I got my nose piercing about a month ago. It was done with a gun, I know bad move, but here I am. The initial ring was an ear ring, so I went and purchased a screw nose ring about 1 week afterwards and took it to a tattoo shop and had it placed. However, the ear ring started to sink in from the swelling, cut my skin around my piercing. Now, that’s all healed but my issue is my nose ring falls into my piercing where it is flushed with my skin. Will I have to wear larger jewelry or is it possible to get my piercing to close to the size of my gauge and keep my ring in place and out on my skin?

    1. Hi Errika, it sounds like you’ve had some complications with your nose piercing. It’s generally not a good idea to use a piercing gun, as they can cause tissue damage and are more likely to lead to infections. It’s best to have your piercings done with a needle, as this is a cleaner and more precise method.

      As for your current situation, it’s possible that your piercing is still healing and adjusting to the new jewelry. It’s not uncommon for piercings to shrink or grow slightly during the healing process, so it’s possible that your piercing will eventually stabilize and your jewelry will stay in place. However, it’s also possible that your piercing may not be able to accommodate the smaller size of the jewelry you are currently wearing. In this case, you may need to wear larger jewelry to allow for proper healing and to keep the piercing from closing up.

      It’s important to take care of your piercing during the healing process to ensure that it heals properly and to minimize the risk of infection. This includes keeping the area clean and following the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer. If you have any concerns about your piercing or if you experience any unusual symptoms, it’s a good idea to consult a healthcare professional or your piercer.

  3. Jessica 3:31am. I have been had my nose pierced for 5 days it’s not swollen nor red and it do not hurt but I’ve noticed that my nose ring is sinking in…On one side it seems like my ring is sinking in..I’m am very worried what do I do..I want to go back to the girl that pierced it..What do you recommend. Thank you

    1. Hi Jessica, I think you have already answered your own question. Go back to the person who pierced you and if that is not possible, see our healthcare professional for advice. You know your body better than anyone else, so if something doesn’t feel right, go get it checked out.

  4. Hi. I got my nose piercing a week ago and my nose has swelled up and the stud is sinking in. when I push the stud from inside, the hole seem a lot bigger. it’s rather scary. should I be worried or is it normal? please suggest ways to treat this.

    1. We are not healthcare professionals, so cannot legally provide medical advice. I would go back to the piercer or seek medical advice from your healthcare professional.

  5. Hi,

    I got my nose pierced about 3 weeks ago and a few days later it started to sink. I tried to take it out but its was really painful. Should I have it take out or do I leave it in? I continue to clean with saline solution twice a day and my nose is no longer red but I’m just unsure as to whether I should change the jewellery or leave it to heal. It still hurts when I try to remove the stud so I dont want to make it worse.

    Please help!

    1. Hi Kara, It sounds like you are following the advice given to you by the piercer by using saline solution. We are not healthcare professionals, so cannot legally provide medical advice. I would go back to the piercer or seek medical advice from your healthcare professional, since its been 3 weeks and you are still in pain.

    1. It sounds like your piercing has migrated, which means it has moved from its original position. This can happen if the piercing was not done properly or if you have been playing with it too much. If the piercing is still in your skin, but has moved down, you may be able to gently push it back up into place. However, it is important to be very careful and not to force it, as this could cause further irritation or damage to the skin. If you are not comfortable or able to do this, I would recommend seeking the help of a professional piercing artist or dermatologist. They will be able to safely reposition the piercing or, if necessary, remove it.

  6. Hi it’s almost been a week since I have gotten my nose pierced. I have a nose screw and it’s starting to sink deep into the hole. I keep pushing it up but after a few seconds it starts to sink again. There’s no redness, swelling, pus, etc. It’s just sinking… What should I do

    1. It’s normal for a nose piercing to sink into the hole slightly as the swelling goes down and the piercing adjusts to your body. If you are noticing that the jewelry is sinking significantly and you are having difficulty pushing it back up, it could be a sign that your piercing is rejecting the jewelry. This can happen if your body perceives the jewelry as a foreign object and is trying to push it out.

      If you are experiencing this, I recommend removing the jewelry and allowing the piercing to close up. If you choose to re-pierce your nose at a later date, be sure to select high-quality jewelry made from implant-grade materials and have the piercing performed by a professional piercer. It’s also important to follow proper aftercare guidelines to ensure that your piercing heals correctly.

      If you are experiencing any redness, swelling, or discharge from the piercing, or if you are in pain, you should seek medical attention. It’s also a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your piercing.

  7. my nose stud has literally gone into my and I’ve had my nose pierced like 3 weeks ago someone give me advice I’m thinking of taking it out but kills extremely because extra skin is grown in it

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing discomfort with your nose piercing. It’s normal for some swelling and tenderness to occur during the healing process, but if the stud has gone into your nostril, it’s important to take care of the situation as soon as possible to avoid further irritation or infection. Here are a few things you can try:

      1) Clean the area with a saline solution or mild soap and warm water. This will help to reduce the risk of infection and keep the area clean.

      2) Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling and numb the area.

      3) Gently try to push the stud back into place. Be very careful not to force it, as this could cause further irritation or injury.

      4) If the stud cannot be easily repositioned, or if you are experiencing a lot of pain or discomfort, you may need to remove the stud. To do this, gently twist the stud back and forth to loosen it, and then gently pull it out. If the stud is stuck or you are unable to remove it, you may need to seek medical attention.

      5) After the stud has been removed, clean the area thoroughly and allow it to heal. Avoid wearing any jewelry in the piercing until it has fully healed.

      I hope this helps! If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  8. Hi, it’s been a month since I got my piercing done, a few days ago I pull it down by accident, and it sunk into the hole, for about a week I kept the piercing up so it would heal, but it keeps sinking
    Is it normal?

    1. It’s not uncommon for piercings to shift or sink into the skin slightly after they are first done, especially if they are subjected to any kind of trauma, such as being pulled on accidentally. However, if the piercing is sinking into the skin and not returning to its original position, this could be a sign of an issue. It’s important to keep the area clean and follow any aftercare instructions provided by your piercer to help prevent infection and promote healing. If you are concerned about the piercing, I recommend seeking the advice of a healthcare professional or your piercer. They can assess the piercing and provide you with guidance on how to care for it.

  9. Hello I got my nose pierced for the first time 3 days ago.My nose ring is starting to sink in.I went back to the piercing place that did it.I was that sometimes it’s due to swollen or the hole is bigger then the earring it self.I’m thinking about taking it out and getting it redone over.I believe they messed up my nose????

    1. It is normal for a new piercing to swell slightly after the initial piercing procedure. However, if your nose ring is sinking in, it is possible that the hole may be too large or the jewelry may be too small. It is also possible that the piercing was not done properly. It may be necessary to remove the jewelry and have the piercing redone. It is important to take good care of your piercing and follow the aftercare instructions provided by the piercer to ensure proper healing. If you are unsure about the quality of the piercing or the advice you have been given, you may want to consider seeking a second opinion from a different piercing studio or a healthcare professional.

  10. Hi,

    So I get my second nose piercing done almost 2 months ago and I recently noticed the piercing keeps sinking in and now a bump has formed around the actual piercing. Whenever I push it up from the inside it sits normally but when I leave it it sinks back in. Also, I have a feeling the nose stud may be too small but my main concern is, is it infected or do I need to go back and get a bigger nose stud?

    1. It sounds like there may be some issues with your nose piercing. It’s possible that the piercing is not properly positioned, or that it is not the correct size for your nose. If the jewelry is too small, it could cause the piercing to sink in and potentially cause an infection. I recommend that you visit a piercing studio or a dermatologist to have them take a look at your piercing and determine the cause of the issues you are experiencing. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action, which may include switching to a larger piece of jewelry or repositioning the piercing. It’s important to address these issues as soon as possible to prevent any further complications.

  11. Hi 🙂
    I got my nose pierced with a gun about 3days ago and noticed that my stud is sinking into my top layer of skin 😐 It bleeds and does have a small amount of discharge. It’s too sensitive to remove :’(
    What should I do??

  12. I got my nose pierced yesterday with a gun it feels to tight and hurts i dont know what to do i cant got to professional atm because i dont have any free time
    is it ok if i change it ?

    1. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain from your nose piercing, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. While it is not recommended to change your piercing on your own, you may want to consider gently cleaning the area with saline solution or soap and water to help prevent infection. If the pain or discomfort persists, it is important to consult a professional piercer or a healthcare provider. They will be able to assess the situation and advise you on the best course of action.

  13. Hi I’ve gotten my nose pierced Friday I noticed Saturday at work it’s sinking I’m scared What should I do

  14. what to do if skin starts growing on my nose pin. As I feel like my nose pin is sinking in and the skin is growing over it.. please help I am so worried..give me some remedies which I can do from home without going anywhere else. thank you

    1. We are legally not able to give medical advice. The best course of action would be to go see the piercer or seek out a healthcare professional for advice.

  15. I got my nose piercing about 5 days ago it recently just started to sink in I got mines done with a gun and its not a nose stud but a earing stud I have been cleaning it everyday its not in pain but red around it should I be worried ??

    1. It’s normal for a new piercing to be red and swollen for a few days after the piercing procedure. However, if you notice that the redness and swelling are getting worse, or if you experience any other unusual symptoms, you should contact a medical professional. Some possible signs of infection include:

      Increased pain or tenderness around the piercing site
      Pus or discharge coming from the piercing
      Redness spreading beyond the immediate area of the piercing
      A fever or feeling generally unwell
      To help prevent infection, be sure to clean your piercing as directed by the piercing professional or your doctor. This usually involves gently washing the area with a saline solution or antimicrobial soap, and then patting it dry with a clean, disposable paper towel. Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands, and try to keep clothing and hair away from the piercing as much as possible. If you are experiencing any problems with your piercing, it’s always a good idea to consult with a medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

  16. I have had my nose pierced for many years, and purchased a tiny diamond stud to wear in it. The stud keeps slipping into the piercing hole. I don’t want to purchase a bigger diamond stud – (I love the tiny size of the one I own), but was wondering if there is something I might be able to use on the inside to keep the stud from sinking, or any other tips to correct the problem? Infection, “skin growing over”, etc. are not a concern, as the piercing is very old. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

    1. There are a few things you can try to keep your stud from slipping into the piercing hole. One option is to apply a small amount of hypoallergenic adhesive, such as eyelash glue or a gentle medical adhesive, to the back of the stud before inserting it into your piercing. This can help to keep the stud in place. Another option is to try using a tighter fitting backing, such as a smaller butterfly clutch or a screw-on backing, to keep the stud from moving. If these options don’t work, you may need to purchase a slightly larger stud that fits more snugly in your piercing.

  17. I got my nose pierced a week ago and so far all seems good. But today, like many other people seem to notice, is that it looks and sometimes feels like it’s sinking in. My aftercare instructions tell me to leave the piercing in for 3-4 weeks before changing it. And that time has not come yet. I also have a corkscrew bar and it fits in my nose good (my piercer had to adjust it since I guess I have thick nostrils). There is no irritation or anything like that. I’m probably just letting my anxiety get the best of me, but who knows. I just want another opinion.

  18. I got a nose ring a few days ago and I’ve noticed it sinking in and I went to a really cheap shop and I’m worried. it’s a big stud though and the skin hasn’t grown over it yet what should I do?? I put antibiotic cream over it but now realize it wasn’t a smart move based on what ive read online. I don’t want to get an infection and not sure how to take it out since the back part (screw) is pretty big too

  19. I first got my nose pierced on the 12th of June the morning after it was pierced it got so swollen the back fell off I nurtured it for a week until the stud came out completely and it was bleeding a lot from the back of the piercing so I went back to the my piercer on the 20th of June where they extended the stud and repeirced my nose it swole up again but the back didn’t fall off I kept soaking it in the salt water solution until one day I decided that since the swelling has gone down I should push the back up a little bit more however that resulted in it swelling up again; it went down I kept soaking it in the salt water solution until I noticed I had boogarts stuck to the back which I cleaned off but it got swollen due to that also. Sometime in late July while soaking my nose the diamond in the stud fell out I have no problem with the diamond not being in the stud its the edges that used to keep the diamond in place that I’m concerned about because they are Sharp however I kept soaking it in the solution and every morning when I wake up my face is swollen so naturally my nose would be swollen too and the top of the stud would sink down into my nose until the swelling goes down it would come back up and because I wasn’t comfortable with what was happening every morning I decided to gently pull the back of the stud down some more and push the top up so I can stay up there that worked for couple weeks until the stud got hitched and I woke up the next morning with it swollen it hurt to touch until I iced my nose and then I put it in the warm water, it doesn’t hurt anymore to touch but it’s kind of Firm the top is still down into my nose I also noticed that the pierced side produces more oil than the side without a nose stud always so just to be sure my peircing is healed I put a tip of rubbing alcohol on my piercing and it didn’t burn at all. I want to know if I should immediately get the stud changed or wait until the three months has passed???

  20. i did my own nose and i have a bone 20g, but i can’t feel the end of the piercing in my nose i try pushing it threw but it won’t go at all.

  21. I got my nose pierced 3 days ago and it looks like it’s sinking in and it hurts and it’s red and I’ve been putting hydrogen peroxide I’m kinda scared I don’t know what to do

  22. Sherryann Shankar

    I did my piercing on Mother’s Day this year with a piercing gun they took out the earring they usually pierce ears with and put in a short back stopperwith a small stud and now I notice my piercing sinking I always have to keep pushing it up I think I got keloids bumps to but I think it’s going away I clean my piercing with saline I think I need a bigger stud with longer back piece but my problem is I don’t know how to remove the nose ring because it’s short

  23. I got my nose pierced on 3June,it was painfull for 2 days until i put sme coconut oil i felt way better.but since today i have noticed that its sinking in and the area were my stud is is red.however i cleaned it with salt and water and i feel way relieved since i dis question is should i push it back up?it does feel a little bit itchy thou.its been 5 days today since i got it.should i be worried about the sinking stud?

  24. Hi
    I just recently got my nose pierced; three days ago maybe? The swelling has not subsided much dn I’ve used antibacterial soap to clean the piercing. The redness is still there but slowly going away, my only worry is the swelling. Any thoughts??

  25. Hi, I’ve had my nose pierced for about 6 months now. Last night I woke up with some discomfort on my nose, I looked in the mirror and I must have knocked it in my sleep because it with sticking half out of my nose. I tried to push it back in but i’m not too sure how long it was like that and I think that it had partly closed. I accidentally forced it back through and re-pierced it. Now the hole looks a little bigger and the piercing sinks. Please can you tell me if I keep it a little above the surface and keep it clean, will the hole heal smaller again or will it be permanently bigger now?

  26. Hi, so I did my nose piercing by myself around 7 months ago. I didn’t have any problems apart from a little bit of bleeding but it went away. I cleaned it nearly everyday and it healed very nicely but now I was randomly filling my piercing from the inside and I didn’t feel any piercing I though it feel out but it was in there’s no hole and the skin grew around it I don’t know what to do please help

  27. i got my nose pierced around september and it still hurts and is purple and for a while when i had a stud, it kept being pushed out of my nose. i noticed that skin was growing inside my nose around the ring inside. i was cleaning it with salt and water then i stopped after a while. i grew a keloid but got rid of it. i switched to a hoop and now more skin is growing on the inside, it’s oozing puss and the top still doesn’t look healed. lately i’ve been soaking it in acv but it doesn’t look better. what should i do?!

  28. Hi, I had my nose pierced about two weeks ago. It was healing fine until I began to feel a bump inside my nose. Now it feels like the bump inside is getting larger and almost like a flap of skin is trying to grow over or around the inside pigtail type screw of the piercing. Should I be concerned and what can I do to help treat it?

  29. I got my nose ring about 8 weeks ago. About 3 weeks ago it fell out and the hole closed so I went to get it repierced and got a new ring. Since then- it has sunken into my nose numerous times and it has a “bruised” look. After 3 weeks should I still be having these problems? Should I get a bigger ring for it?

  30. Hi, I got my nose pierced a month ago. Everything was fine until this week. There was a bit of swelling so I did the salt water soak and also made a paste of aspirin. The swelling went down but while cleaning today there was some bleeding and it looks like some of the flesh was coming through the top of the piercing. Help!

  31. Hi my nose ring is sinkin in the hole I just got my nose pierced 2 days ago , now is the 3rd day and its sinkin , wat should I do ? , and should I leave it to sink or wid it get stuck ???

  32. Hi i just got my piercing 5weeks ago and i already changed my nose ring because it was sinking and closing in the inside of my nose. A week ago my nose started to get the extra skin on and bleeding here and there. There was puss coming out a couple days. What should i do? Im cleaning it and rotating the hoop ring so it wont close. I need help

  33. Hello! I have something going on with mine that’s a little different, but I did notice my nose ring sinking in as well, except there seems to be skin growing around the jewelry on the INSIDE of my nose, kinda like a keyloid I suppose.. I have only had mine for almost 3 weeks now, and unfortunately mine has been bumped and tugged on at times from my puppy mulling my face or me randomly bumping it. I have one of those studs with the loop for the left nostril. it’s not red but it does burn alittle.. at first I thought it was just hardened crust or something, but it seems to be skin.. not sure how to heal it. :/

  34. Hey sorry for the question but i just got my nose pierced today & the lady said to switch to a smaller size after about 4 hours so i did but the smaller one i bought from them, barley goes all the way through. Is that how it’s supposed to be? Or are you supposed to see the other end?

  35. I got my nosed pierced Sunday and the nose ring is sinking in it looks like the hole is getting big what should I do ?

  36. Got my nose pierced 12 days ago but just realized a couple days ago my nose ring was sinking. I pushed it up sometimes but it would go right back in I can see the nose ring a little. What should I do? Doesn’t hurt unless I keep trying to push it up and bled a little because of that so I stopped but no puss or closing up. Should I go back to my piercer or wait a little more?

  37. I tried to reopen my nose hole. The top went in fine. But I have scar tissue on the inside so the skin didn’t give and now the stud is in but not through the skin. Can this cause a problem??

  38. Hi I got my nose piercing done about 1-1/2 month ago but my skin that sunk inside a bit in starting after few days of piercung is not recovering the piercing is fine I wore a nose ring kindly please tell me what to do for the skin which is sunk inside

  39. did my nose piercing the 4th of July. A few days later, it got snagged and came off, so I put it back but it did get swollen. It is now August 10, and I have been soaking my nose in sea salt warm (hot) water. It looks like a a mini nipple! There is no pus, rather, in the morning a crust of yellow and mixed secretion. It does not hurt. I saw my nose piercer and he indicated to not worry and clean out the debris once a day and keep soaking. I am just worried I may have caused a permanent issue and that the area around the stud will always look like a itty bitty nipple

  40. I have a pimple looking thing at my nose piercing… I got it pierced 4 weeks ago. How do i get rid of the bump. I tried vit E. And salt rinses. Help

  41. Hi i got my nose done 5 days ago and my nose stud sank deep into the skin. On the third day I cleaned it nd just pushed it back up and it would go up and on the following day its semmed like there was skin growing on top it was also painfull and red. I have now taken it out as i didnt want the skin to grow over the top and my nose stud to b stuck!! I know don’t know what to do shall i try and put something back in or shall i just let it heal up.

  42. I just had my nostril pierced last night and I don’t like that the stud keeps sticking up. The only way to fix it is to move the hook end of my stud down and then it basically just hangs out from the bottom of my nose. The piercer said once the swelling goes down that this shouldn’t happen. Please tell me this is true. How long can I expect this to happen? I push the stud back down and the moment I move, it pops back up like the thermometer on a cooked turkey.

  43. Two months into my nose piercing and this morning it seems like it’s sinking in. I have a labret ring with a very small stud. It’s been healing well. I don’t think it is swollen because it doesn’t hurt and I clean it daily with sea salt. The ring seems to fit loose as I can move it up and down. Should I get a bigger stud put in by my piercer or have then tighten the piercing?

  44. Hi, I have had my nose pierced for about 9 months now, maybe about 3 weeks ago I changed my nose ring to a different stud the piercing was perfectly fine until about last night it randomly started to puss then dramatically sink into my nose to where if I ran my finger over piercing I couldn’t feel it. I woke up this morning a little bloody around the ring so I cleaned it off and it’s still sinking in. If I push the ring out a little I see that the piercing hole in my nose looks a lot bigger then before! Please help any advice on what should I do? I’m thinking I need to take it out?

  45. I got my nose pierced almost 2 weeks ago using a gun…nevertheless after about a week it just started sliding up and out. So I went out and purchased a nose stud but when I inserted it I noticed the other end was barely noticeable and the inside was swollen…put original back in. Now I’m afraid and nervous

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Tia,

      Sometimes it’s actually better not to take it out!

      You see, if there’s any pus or anything inside that needs to be drained, by taking the piercing out you’ll actually block it inside which may have worse complications.

      So I’d say if you’ve any concerns, please visit a professional to see what exactly is going on there.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  46. sumiara ahmed

    Hi I got my nose pierced 4 days ago n I’ve noticed it’s sinking in quite a bit wid a bit of pain but Is it k if I leave the stud in or do I have to take it out and change it

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Sumiara,

      It’s probably due to the swelling that it seems to you it’s sinking in! Just do the proper aftercare as per the recommendations above, monitor it on a daily basis making sure no skin starts growing over it and if it doesn’t get better in 10 days or so – go back to the piercing to get a longer stud.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  47. Got my nose pierced yesterday, and the clear stud keeps sinking in. I am cleaning it was sea salt solution, just not sure what is going on or what I should do. Please help.

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Kim,

      It’s probably due to the swelling that it seems to you it’s sinking in! Just do the proper aftercare as per the recommendations above, monitor it on a daily basis making sure no skin starts growing over it and if it doesn’t get better in 10 days or so – go back to the piercing to get a longer stud.


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  48. So I got a nose piercing redone last saturday. I’ve been using a salt water solution twice daily as recommended by my piercer. And I have been sleeping with a band-aid over it. I woke up yesterday realizing that I couldn’t see the piercing as prominently as I could have before. And by the end of the night I realized that it seemed to be sinking in and skin is healing over it. I pushed it up, just to see if I could get the skin under the stud and I did notice a sort of dome shape had taken under the stud. I guess had a concave shape as per a description above. I do know that when I showered yesterday a bit of water may have gotten in and under the band-aid. I’m not sure if that may have affected the healing process at all.

    Thankfully my initial major panic has subsided as I’ve realized that this is completely normal. I’m hesitant about interfering with the piercing any more as per removal for a ring option suggested above. Is there anything else that could be suggested?

    1. noseringsadmin

      Hi Sky,

      If you don’t want to change jewelry to a longer stud or a hoop, I’d suggest you just keep making sure the skin doesn’t grow over the nose ring on a daily basis when you’re cleaning it.

      Another thing – there’s no need for you to keep the band-aid on – it’s best you keep the area well ventilated to facilitate the healing process. But in case you do it to avoid pulling the nose ring out while sleeping – make sure to put a dry band-aid over it just before bed and you can shower without any band-aids, it’s no problem! Just do your saline soak after that and you’ll be fine!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  49. Hi, I just got my nose pierced on Fri on the 24 of April and it was find until this morning when I woke up it was kind of sinken n and I used sea salt and water and dial soap to clean but it is kind of sore now what to do someone told me to keep tissue n my nose right now for a Lil while.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Don’t put any tissue in your nose – just let your body do the healing!

      Don’t clean it too much and there’s no need to use dial soap – just soak it with saline solution twice daily.

      It’s not unusual for fresh piercings to be slightly tender and swollen, but obviously if it gets worse and the swelling becomes noticeably bigger, and it starts oozing stuff, you should definitely see someone because this might indicate an infection.

      But in case the sinking in is a real issue, you may consider changing your stud for a hoop – but don’t do it yourself, go back to your piercer.

      Robert – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  50. Hello.. Hopefully someone has some advice.. I got my nose pierced about two weeks before Thanksgiving. I cleaned it all the time, At first I used witch hazel for a while then I started to get a bump right next to the hole.. So I used saline solution then I heard tee tree oil so I tried that. I got the bump to finally go away.. Yippie so I thought I could change my stud so I did.. I wore it for about a month and yesterday It felt kinda swollen, I cleaned it and a little bit of liquid came out.. Eww I thought it should be held by now it’s beenabout 5 months since I got it done this morning I woke up and it had sank into my nose I had to push it from the inside out.. Im wondering if anyone knows why.. It’s not held yet.. Ive talked to my artist and he said the length of the bar is fine.. Ahh man someone help me..

      1. I have the same dilemma as Tabitha’s unfortunately. The area around my stud looks a little concave too. Is this something I should be worried about?

        1. noseringsadmin

          Hi Samira,

          Here’s the thing – we need to figure out whether it’s due to swelling OR the skin is actually forming a hollow for some strange reason!

          So basically you have to push the nose ring out a little from the inside of the nostril and see how the skin reacts – and then let me know.


 – Hottest Selling Nose Rings!

  51. I got my piercing done about 5 days ago and it was looking good until today it looked like my piercing was sinking in. Also it looks a little red. What should I do ? I have been cleaning it with peroxide alcohol.

  52. Hello i recently got my nose pierced- i think its an indian nose hook.I didnt have much swelling initially but now it looks like a part of it might be sinking in! i pierced it about 3 days ago, is it too soon to change the ring and also will it hurt more ? especially since the wound is still so fresh. What do it do?? thanks

    1. ^^Reply to comment above. You shouldn’t take it out. You need to leave it in for max ten weeks before changing it. Everyone’s different so it may hurt when taking it out. Just keep cleaning it with salt solution and go back to your pierced and see them. Unless you pierced it yourself, see a piercer either way.
      I also have my nose pierced and mine sunk in a while ago and I just cleaned it.

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