My Nose Piercing Experience

By Theresa, from Monroeville.
 I decided at age 45 to get my nose pierced!

Since high school, I found it to be the most amazing thing! As a lot of wives, I was told “No Way!”, and so I never got it. But, through time and circumstances, I was single and it was kind of on my “bucket list”.

So, I was headed to a specific shop to get it, and ended up at another, because a person who was shopping in the same place-when I noticed her nose stud, told me about a place near the location we were at. I drove just 10 minutes to the shop, went in, and got a tattoo and a nose ring! I signed in, did the form and a lady said for me to have a seat in her chair.

Without warning, she marked the spot I wanted it, and she did the piercing. And – WOW – what pain!! I almost cried and twitched, and she told me to sit still and don’t move. I tried my best, and then she yells across the room for another employee to help her! I got a little panicked, because from the beginning all she told me was, “You have atiny, tiny nose!” When it was done, and the nose put into my nose, I was glad but in pain, of course.

So, I asked if that was it, and she said yes. I started to leave, and turned around to ask what to clean it with. She told me, “Just soap and water.” So, as you see, my experience was not an educated one. And none of the ways shown here, or the safety precautions in the piercing, or the aftercare henceforth, including a paper with the aftercare instructions were used here.

And, all these things lead me to your website, because I had to search for aftercare, safety, and types of nose rings. I could have called the studio back, but I figured the information would not be supplied since it wasn’t at the start of the procedure. Upon my departing the studio, I did have my nose piercing, but not a clue as to how to care for it, when to change it, or what type nose jewelry that should be used.


My friends call it “My Midlife Crises”

By Nadia from Kansas.

When I turned 30 I got my third hole priced in my ear. Since most of my friends are much younger than me it seemed like the thing to do. Once I got that done I noticed a lot of people were getting there cartilage priced. Earlier this year I had that done as well?

Since I live in Kansas there are not too many places to get body piercings done so I went to the store and got the piercing gun and had my daughter-in-law do it for me. She told me it would hurt. I wanted it done so I didn’t care if it hurt. Once that was done I didn’t want to stop there. Most of my friends have their nose priced.

Now that I’m turning 34 this weekend I figured now is as good a time as any. I called several places to get prices and called all my friends who have had there’s done to find out where they got there’s and finally settled on having a good friend who does piercing do it for me. She did it for me as an early birthday gift.

I waited two weeks in anticipation for her to do this, (We had confliting schedules) so when the day finally came to have it done I was scared. Some people I talked to about getting it done said it would hurt a lot, while others said it would only bring a tear to my eye.
Now that the time was here she asked me to lie down and she would get everything ready. I lay down and she started to stick the needle into my nose and it hurt like crazy. I told her to stop and take out the needle. She laughed and did. Her sister who could not get hers done told me to man up. I told her too. An hour later I was ready to try again. My daughter-in-law held one had and my husband held the other and it was done. I thought I was going to die when she started to twist the needle but I lived through it and am very happy with having it done.
I’m proof that you’re never too old to feel young!