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Monroe & Nose Piercing Story From Wisconsin

Monroe and Nose Piercing Story in Wisconsin

The first piercing I got was my Monroe. This piercing, unlike popular belief, was just as (if not less) painful as getting an ear piercing ❗

A year after, I decided to get my right nostril pierced.

Both piercings were done at a local studio called the ColourBox in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My piercer was the most calm and steady I’ve ever met. To this day, she is still the one I go to! 😉

The process for the Monroe, was a simple slide of the needle. There was no clamp, just a quick one-and-done. The nose, however, required a clamp. The process was more painful (as it is cartilage and filled with nerves) and did make me cry.

The crying was not due to the pain, but rather the fact that the piercing is so close to your tear ducts and from all the nerves ❗

After both piercings, they made sure to hand me a guideline sheet and explain to me the best precautions and cleaning processes. Being a piercing business, they want to do their best to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results of your piercing.

The healing process for the Monroe varies. Mine took about two weeks until the tissue closed up and the swelling was done. Like all lip piercings they close easily, so make sure that there is always jewelry in your lip (unless decided that you want to take it out.)

As for my nose, it took about a month to heal. Sometimes, a small formation called a keloid might form around your piercing. Your piercer will give you the best way to treat it and even how to prevent it.

My experience with being pierced has been completely positive so far. I have not had one bad experience.

In my opinion, all pain caused from piercings is completely tolerable, and the odds of it being too much to handle is slim. Just be prepared and know what you’re getting into! Enjoy your piercings, and share your stories too! 😉

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