Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Super-painful Nose Piercing Experience – But It Was Worth It!

Finding inspiration for getting a nose piercing wasn’t all that hard for me as a person. I love the way it looks!

In fact, I love piercings in general. Especially ear piercings. The other part of me was inspired because it would make my father angry. I love that too! 😉

It took a while but I convinced my mom to let me have it done since I’m still a minor. Though it took a LOT of betting in the long run. I was just about to give up, but luckily she said yes to me ❗

The place I chose, Ink Pit Tattoo, was recommended by my close friend Hallie. So her, my mom, and my other close friend, Riley, and I all went there in my mom’s car together.

Hallie kept warning me on the way there how much it would hurt, but it would be totally worth it. And she was absolutely right! Meanwhile beside me, Riley was trying to talk me out of it as we blared music down the highway. I think after a short period Riley gave up, knowing how I get when I have my mind set on something.

And to be honest, his complaints against the piercing fell on deaf ears in the car. Approaching our destination I started to get excited. I felt like a kid on Christmas day waiting to open up all the big bowed gifts under the tree! 🙂


Meeting the woman up front, she started my process of helping me getting my hole. I wasn’t really given a full explanation from my piercer of what was going to happen other than she was going to poke a hole through my nose and place a piercing there.

She was really straight forward that it was going to hurt, which is what I expected really since I’ve endured four ear piercings. She sat me down in the chair and made sure my mom filled out the paper work. I was starting to get nervous when the piercer started getting things settled.

The whole situation looked like a scene from a creepy horror movie!

She looked ready to dissect me. Little butterflies were literally flying through my stomach, but I managed to wash them away and go for it. I was not chickening out last minute. She cleaned up my nose with a little square white wipe and afterwards she used a dark blue marker to put a small dot on my nose. She didn’t use a piercing clamp. She just pushed the needle through my nose. 😉

It really did hurt. When I was told to expect pain, I thought about my multiple ear piercings. They only hurt for a day and the pain was small. I was able to walk out to the car and have my ears be fine. No one actually explained that it would hurt more than an ear piercing, so I was shocked when the pain started to make my eyes water… 😡

I also learned that day I have a very, very, very low pain tolerance. It made me very woozy and lighted headed. I felt as if I was going to pass out. It also stung when she used another wipe, but it she explained it was to clean up the area again and clean up the small amount blood from the new jewelry.

After all the pain, I finally got to look at the final product and wipe the water from my eyes. I undyingly loved the silver ball piercing looked on me and how proud I was to stand that pain with a determined mind. I thanked my piercer with gratitude; and she then told me to just soak my new stud in alcohol or peroxide twice a day and use antibacterial cream to keep it from getting infected.

She also said to be careful about my stud falling out at night because people in their sleep tend to touch their faces more and it could accidentally fall out. I was told it happened multiple times to the piercer and a small percentage of the people who come into the shop.

I think it took about six weeks to finally heal up and look fantastic. Once it healed I happily traded my silver stud in for a shiny sapphire jeweled L-shaped nose pin. I have a small collection of L-shaped nose pins for when I want to change my colored jewel.

Though I mostly stick to the sapphire since it’s my birthstone. I rarely buy any piercings for my nose – as I said, I love my sapphire. Which I think was bought at Walmart – but if I do shop for my nose accessories, I usually look at the selection at Hot Topic and at Spencer’s.

I have no idea what is about hoops, but I, myself, cannot bear the thought to put a hoop in my nose. They look wonderful on some people, but they just aren’t for me personally. Due to me not choosing to wear hoops, I mainly stick to the studded piercings 😉

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