Second time lucky.. I hope

By Jordyn, from England.

The first time I had my nose done, I did it myself with a sterilised needle and a broken earring. It hurt like hell and I ended up having to take it out because the earring kept falling out and bleeding when I slept. After 9 nose bleeds in one day and severe sleep deprivation I decided enough was enough. I took it out, and suffered 3 more nose bleeds after, then everything was fine apart from a small black mark left inside my skin from the silver earring I used. Long story short- don’t let me pierce your nose.

The second time was yesterday, I went to the local tattoo and piercing shop with three friends and got my nose done again, with a gun this time. It really didn’t hurt, barely a scratch and it was done. The guy who did it was super nice and had it done in seconds. The stud looked so pretty and all my friends complimented how nice it looked. However, the curse of my unruly nose was sure to return. When I got home at about 11 last night I saw there was blood crusted all around the outsie of my stud, I simply cleaned it away with some antiseptic spray and thought nothing of it and went to bed. This morning I awoke at 6:20am to a sharp pain in my nostril. In my groggy state I lifted my head up, causing my nose stud (caught on my pillow I expect) to rip out of my new wound. I sat bolt upright, looking around, unable to see my stud with blood trickling down my face. I shook all of my pillows and eventually found the nose stud. I wiped my bloody nose with dirty fingers and pushed it through, spraying a little antiseptic after. However now it is 7:45 and my stud is still not all the way through the skin on the inside of my nose. I recommend sleeping with a plaster/bandaid over a new nose stud if you are a restless sleeper or have a lot of pillows on your bed. I really hope I can get my stud back through, but after the horror story I just told, I’m not sure if piercing number two was such a good idea…

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