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Nose Ring Guide

Nose Piercing Healing Tips

Nose piercing

Nose piercing is considered to be very attractive and is popular with men and women alike. It is fun to get a nose piercing because of the variety of jewelry that can be worn in it!

There are several types of nose piercing that you could go for and nose piercing healing time is roughly around two or three months, depending upon the individual and the piercing type.

It is very important to ensure that the piercing heals properly so that you do not have to face the risk of developing an infection!

Let us look at the different kinds of nose piercing and what to expect.

You can get a nostril piercing, septum piercing or a bridge piercing. While the healing time is similar for the nostril and septum piercings, bridge piercing healing can take longer. This is simply because bridge piercing is a  surface piercing. In addition, there is also a higher chance of rejection.

Nostrils usually take up to 3 months to heal. The surprising thing is that this is also the quickest piercing to close after healing, so make sure that you keep the jewelry on for at least six months. Do not leave the piercing empty even for a few days. Also, do not attempt to change the jewelry before it heals totally as it can cause unnecessary pain and possible infections.

To help with the healing process, follow the aftercare tips from your piercer. These tips might include cleaning it with an antibacterial soap. Keep it clean from stale makeup. In fact, take special care not to handle it with dirty hands. Do not apply any lotions. It is a good idea to minimize smoking during the nose piercing healing process since tar, resin and smoke residue can build up and slow down the healing process.

Generally, if the piercing happens to get infected, it would generally look like a yellowish boil or pimple. For those with oily skin, an antibacterial soap is the best option. Washing it with warm salt water soaks also helps in clearing up the infection. Do not make the mistake of removing the jewelry as you wouldn’t want the infection to be sealed inside. This is a common mistake made by those with new piercings. If you have an infection and remove your jewelry, the wound will close with the infection trapped inside. This can develop into an abscess and will need medical treatment. If you leave your jewelry in, it will leave a channel open to allow the fluid to drain from the infection.

Do not keep touching the piercing during the healing process as it can result in a scar tissue. If you have opted for a nostril screw at the time of piercing, take care not to get your towel or clothes caught in it. Do remember that nose piercing healing will go faster if you do not sleep on your face!🙂

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33 thoughts on “Nose Piercing Healing Tips”

  1. I got my nostril pierced 7 days ago. I had to change from a nose screw to a hoop because it was sinking. I clean it everyday with H2ocean and so far so good and definitely more comfortable now that I have a hoop. My question is should I be turning the hoop or moving it up and down or is it best to not touch it.

  2. I’ve got my nose pierced couple of days ago and it was fine at first however now I’ve realised that the nose screw has gone into a layer of my nose the nose hole piercing is the same size as the screw? Everytime I try push it out it sinks down, will it heal and then shrink? What should I do?

    1. I had the same thing happen to me and though the piercer said it’s rare that a piercing would sink in but it’s best to go back and have a larger and long stud put in. Hope this helps.

  3. so for anybody with sensitive skin, do try to find BACTINE PAIN RELIEVING CLEANSING SPRAY. its a great product to use for any piercing. i LIVE by it!

  4. i recently got my nose re-pierced today for the second time. 2 years ago i had my right side done, but had my stud ripped out while water tubing and within 3 hours of going without a spare my hole closed (only had it done for 1 month). this time i got it pierced on my left side and it hurt way more than it did the last time. idk whether is is because i had a different person do it at this shop or what. my body reacted to it poorly…. basically i puked. i dont understand why it happened. anyways, i use Bactine pain relieving cleansing spray. i used it last time and had no problems with it. i love it! last time i also had the pimple problem. but now ready other responses i realize it was from switching studs, and playing with my stud while cleaning. hopefully i will have no problems this time… we shall see 🙂

  5. Had my nose pierced for nearly 2 weeks now, i wash me hands with anti bacterial soap and then mix sea salt with warm water and dip a cotten bud in and just clean inside my nose and around the stud itself. Then i get some plain water and do the same, i only touch it was i need to turn it so i dont have the metel sticking out my nostril but as i clean it twice a day this doesnt seem to make a difference. Slight problem is the salt dries my skin out on my nose but i just use some moisuriser and thats sorts it 🙂

  6. I got my nose pierced for the first time about 5 days ago, it was good at first, and i think its healing alright only problem is that i play with it alot and its kind of reddish and irritated, the inside of it is also slightly swollen and the inside of the piercing itself has a slimy pure white substance making the stud come out when i clean it, is this normal?

  7. Some people say not to pop the bump but after a few days of tea tree oil has dried it out I used the end of a closed safety pin to remove the blood and pus and after words kept cleaning it with sea salt soaks anti bacterial soap and tea tree oil and my bump is gone… Now I just need to change the ring to surgical steel cause I think the reason I got it in the first place was taking the original ring out and replacing it with a sterling silver one hope this helped!

  8. I got a nose pierce for 5th time and hoping its a success this time.but this time I got a bump inside after 5days only and its painful. Blood plus pus. I use sea salt soaks but its not healing..what can I do? Pls help as I love nose pierces

  9. Ive just recently gotten my nose pierced. It was done with a nose screw. My cleaning instructions were to use antibacterial soap three times daily and sea salt soaks. I have a bottle of H2Ocean just because its easier that way. I was also tokd 8-12 weeks is the average minimum time needed for it to heal,so Im stuck withthe hewelry I chose until…at least the end of February next year.

  10. Ive had my nose pierced for a lil over a month and i have no problems.. it hurt at first but it healed quickly and ive already tooken it out 2 times..

  11. if you get the bumps around the piercing – DO NOT try to pop it or play with it. a good solution to getting rid of those is to crush up an ibuprofen pill and mix it with a bit of water until it feels like a paste. clean the skin around your nose and then apply the paste thickly on the bump. take a clean washrag and wet it with hot water. apply the wash rag over the paste on your nose and hold it there for 5 to 10 minutes – then clean the paste off. (it basically as if you were applying one of those wet-on tattoos). do this daily until it’s gone.

  12. i just got my nose pierced two nights ago in the city. i was high as a fucking kite so i didnt realize that the piercer put in a regular earring so now i dont know if i should let it heal for a month or change it to a real nose ring because i feel like the back piece gets too dirty. Also, in the beginning should i be using the salt water solution or antibacterial soap ive gotten a mix of suggestions but which is best?

  13. hi, i need some advice on my nose piercing because i can’t stop touching it and its getting really sore


    🙂 🙂 i’m kinda desperate

  14. so , i got mii nose piercecd last weekend & its healing ok to me BUT i’m not suree , how much lonqer i can take this pain
    – don’t qet me wrong i love mii nose piercing !

  15. ive had my nose peircing in for a few weeks and i cant stop touching it.
    i don’t have any tape to put over it (coz people say to put non allergenic tape on) and plus i have a ring (if that matters)
    and i have had a few lumps and bumps on it :/ witch has set the healing process back.
    and now i have puss coming out if it >:(
    and i need some good tips to get it back on track

  16. I just got my nose pierced almost a week ago, and I love it. I’m glad that I have read this because I do touch it alot, sometimes I do it and not even know I’m doing it. I haven’t gotten a bump thingy, and hope I don’t… I’m going to try to stop playing with it so that it will heal properly. And I think I will try the bioplast nose rings when it heals 🙂

  17. I’ve had my nose pierced for several months now. Origionally I struggled with it healing. I got a small bump on the side and one of my friends who also had a nose piercing told me to stop touching it. Funny thing is I read about bioplast nose rings. I got some of those in clear, for work purposes, and my nose ring healed faster than I expected. Bioplast rings can go through an autoclave. If you’re getting a new ring I highly suggest bioplast ones. I have several. Some of mine have studs and some are clear for work. You can get some really nice ones too. I have a pink sapphire, emerald and a regular crystal one on top of others that I have.

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  21. My mom owns a piercing/tatoo shop in LA. I asked my mom if I can get a nose pierce for my 11th Birthday and she said wait until Christmas, so I said OK. Now last year’s Christmas, 2010, I finally got it. My friends in school thinks i’m crazy…but you know i’m only 11 years old… I like sparkley things!… Well i’m hoping i’ll get a tatoo when i’m 18… I hope both of my parents will let me. 😉
    I also LOVE Justin Bieber, everyone calls me Mrs.Bieber at my school. So if you, Justin Bieber, are reading this for some reasons… I LOVE U!

  22. I got my nosed pierced about a month ago and i clean it with soap and water but a small bump/pimple looking thing formed off the side of it. I think its because i might of touch it too much. should i use a salt solution or can i just use soap and water to heal it??

    1. I got my nose pierced a little over a month ago and my piercer gave me a long stud because he said if it got infected it would be better because it would be able to breath better. Will this effect my piercing from healing because the stud is longer than is should be?

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  24. hi i pirced my nose from 2months but i used to take off the stud so there was always a pumb untill i wake up one day to find it infected dark red hearts swealing and yellow thing came out so i took it off and called my dr he gave oral antibiotic and i kept on cleaning it all the time with anti bacterial stuff and cream garamicine it’s 9 days now there is no pain no pump and it looks like it’s healing how will it take to heal
    i was so scarred because the nose is clse to the mind

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