Birthday Piercing!

By Mandy, from Pittsburgh.

Hi, I’m Mandy from Pittsburgh! I got my nose pierced for my 17th birthday!!! I wanted a nose piercing so bad so I asked for one for my birthday.

When I asked, my folks were totally cool with it! I was so excited!
Me, my mom, and my brother went to South Side Tattoo. It’s a great tattoo/piercing place! The guy who pierced my nose lived upstairs, and came down special on his day off to do my nose!

My mom signed for me and we went into the room, where everything was all giraffes! That was awesome, because I love giraffes!
They were real clean and professional. He told me to keep it CLEAN with Betadine, and to use it twice a day. He said to be careful to not catch it on anything and rip it out (ouch!). Plus I had to twist it so it wouldn’t stick in my nose.

First, he cleaned my nose, and marked my nose with a little dot where he’d pierce it. He said it’d be over real quick..then I got nervous! But he was soo nice, I calmed down. He used a needle and then pierced it!

Honestly, it didn’ hurt at all, just a small pinch, but it was barely anything. Then he inserted the 20G starter nose screw, and I was done. I LOVED IT! It cost $40 and I got my own bottle of Betadine. My mom and bro loved it too!

Don’t use the straight (bend-to-fit ones) studs, because they tear up the inside of your nose and hurt alot. Nose bones are fine, though. Always get the right gauge & size nose ring for you! The best are the nose screws and nose hoops with the stopper. The captive nose rings w/balls are horrible!

The first time I changed my nose ring was exactly 6 weeks from when I got it pierced. 6 weeks is the minimum time to keep it in before you change it. Just don’t leave it out for long periods of time…ever!

I hope you enjoyed my story xD and that it inspires you to get one, because they’re amazing and will make you even more beautiful! Hopefully you’re more comfortable with the idea of getting it pierced now that you know how it works! GOOD LUCK and happy piercing! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Piercing!”

  1. I’m going in to 8th grade after summer and I’ve been begging my parents for a nose piercing they keep saying no but a day or two ago I asked my dad and he said yes but I had to make sure it was okay with my mom.I called her up and she said yes. After I get my grades up so next summer. I can’t wait but I’m scared it might hurt. I live in Roseburg Oregon. But I’m super stoked about getting it.

  2. Hey, gurl… this helped me ALOT. I really want a nose piercing because I think it represents who I am, and to show that I’m getting older and taking more responsibilities. I watched some videos but I still wasn’t sure about the pain part. Thanks for clearing it up!!!! “) P.S. You look great!!!

  3. Hey, that helped a lot i must admit.

    But did the piercer do it with a piercing gun or needle?

    I did it my self with a needle before, but my dad made me close it up.
    But he said that if id closed it up he’d let me get it repierced for my 16th birthday and it’s on Sunday, April 17 of 2011, HELP!

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