Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Do You Want To Know How To Put In A Nose Ring?

The first question that pops into your mind once you get your nose piercing done is how to put in a nose ring. Naturally, this is something you should think of only after your piercing heals totally. You have a choice in nose piercing jewelry and these are: nose studs, nose rings and nose screws.

Probably the most popular are nose studs and these are great for those who revel in variety. You can just freak out on the designs, colors and patterns available and keep changing your jewelry. Nose studs are also referred to as nose bones and are made of a shaft with a little ball at the other end – the one that goes into the nostril. So the shaft with the small ball is inserted from the outside of the nose piercing, and is getting held in place thanks to the small ball inside which prevents the nose stud from falling out. You can choose nose studs with dangles, logos, gemstones in different materials and sizes! 🙂

Nose screws on the other hand come without the stud like portion. The nose screw is designed with a straight portion that bends to form a curve like a “C”. This is also easy to insert. All you have to do is clean your piercing after removing your existing nose jewelry. Then, gently grip your nose piercing with your thumb in your nostril. You will find that the piercing expands a little. Just insert the end of the C curve into the piercing winding it like a screw as you let it enter the piercing. As soon as it is through the hole, remove your thumb and wind it all the way in so that only the decorative tip of your nose screw is visible outside. The C curve helps to hold the nose screw in place.

You also get L-shaped nose rings that are convenient. How do you put in a nose ring that is shaped like an L? This is similar to wearing the nose screw. The angled L keeps your nose ring in place. If you would rather watch a video that shows you how to put in a nose ring, you can do it below:

Have fun with all the three kinds of nose jewelry. It is just a matter of which one you like best! 😉

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