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Nose Ring Guide

Septum Rings

Septum piercing goes through the septum that divides the right nostril from the left. It is also called a bull nose piercing or a horseshoe piercing.

The nasal septum is made of cartilage tissue. Your piercer will not actually pierce the cartilage here. Rather, the gap that is in line with a regular nostril piercing is the one that is marked for piercing. This part is called the sweet spot. Remember when you wear a septum ring, the piercing should not be stretched too much because it can change the shape of your nose, obviously making it droop… 🙁

While some people prefer to get piercings that can take thinner gauge septum rings, others prefer to stretch the piercing to wear heavier gauge septum rings. Septum piercings normally take up to twelve weeks to heal provided the aftercare instructions are followed strictly.

The most popular jewelry worn on septum piercings are the captive bead rings and the circular barbells. Some people wear staple-shaped septum retainer when they want to hide the piercing. These come in different sizes. Those who have a larger piercing use septum keepers or bullet plugs.

Captive bead septum rings, captive ball rings or ball closure rings feature a bead that is held in place by the metal rings pressure. This is the kind of septum rings most people opt for. The captive bead ring can be easily opened. The better quality septum ring is a snug fit in the piercing. There is no chance of getting the skin caught in it.

Septum rings also include septum keepers or retainers that help keep the septum piercing intact and invisible. These come in two types – staple shaped and plugs.

Barbells are versatile body jewelry that are also used as septum rings. Barbells can be straight, curved, banana shaped or ring shaped. One or both ends of the barbell can be threaded to take a bead. Circular barbells are called horseshoe barbells because of their shape. These can be of various materials, colors, designs, sizes and patterns with dangles of different themes. When you browse you will come across an amazing range of septum rings to choose from so that you can wear different rings for different occasions!

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19 thoughts on “Septum Rings”

  1. I have for some time been looking for an instrument maker, who can make me a ring for a septum piercing. I want it made so that, once inserted, it closes permanently.
    I want it to be gold colored, preferably gold plated and An inch inside diameter with a thickness of maybe a quarter inch, maybe a liile less.
    but so far nobody can make it or is even interested.
    Any ideas?

    1. Well, Jenny it is possible, but I fear those rings are not on the market yet.
      My friend is a fine machinist and tool and die maker. He made one for my girlfriend. It is as you described, but with a hinge in it. The two ends are made so that one fits inside the other and then snaps shut. To make it perfectly closed, we put a tiny amount of resin on the end that goes inside. So it was sealed firmly.
      My girl wanted it when she had a bit too much to drink and was not very happy with it when she woke up the next day.
      I refused to cut it , falsly claiming it to be goldplated hardened steel
      In time she adjusted to it, though never really liked it.
      Later we made two nice big ones and fitten those in er stretched earlobes.
      I personally like that very much. The permanency of it is so attractive, just like tattoos. That is forever !

  2. hi, im planning on getting my septum pierced very soon. and i would like to know where i can purchase a sterling silver septum ring… i cant find them anywhere.

  3. aight niggahss, so i juuus’ pierceed ma septum, ann’ i don’t got a captive bead ringgg, ny other jewlery i can use insteadd?

  4. i just had my septum pierced, it didn’t even hurt. Just a quick pinch and was nothing compared to my nipple piercings! However, the guys put a banana bar in to start with.. Is this right? :/

  5. hahahaha @ mandaaa. pretty much anything in your ear doesnt even hurt. try stretching your septum to a 0g and then u can whne. thats what rele hurts. and septum was not even the worst i had my nipples stretched to an 8g and getting those pierced is real pain.

  6. I got my septum done, it hurt like hell when I got it, but it was actually the quickest healing piercings I’ve had. It was healed completely in about 2 weeks. I also have my lip, eyebrow, and 3 in my ears. I had an industrial too.

  7. i got my septum pierced and it was fairly easy. it hurt slightly, but nothing horrible. just a quick pinch, but i guess it’s different for everyone. for cleaning i recommend sea salt soaks and/or using anti-bacterial soap with a Q-Tip to clean it out.

  8. I got my septum pierced, and it was the most painful thing I have ever gotten pierced. This is from a piercing speaking with an industrial bar, double tragus, rook, snug, 3 lobes, belly button, and double cartilage speaking.

  9. awesum im grting a hollow needle to pirce it myself i cant get it done proffesionally yet because im a minorn and if my mom wer to find out…..SHE WOULD KIL me i also want6 an industrial pirceing and my wrist pirced:)

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