Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Want To Stand Out Of The Crowd? Get A Bridge Piercing!

Bridge PiercingBridge piercing is a type of a nose piercing that is the most difficult to prevent from growing out of the skin. Yet it will give you a whole lot of opportunities to express yourself like this guy here – he attached spectacles to his bridge piercing and a new trend in the body piercing got invented!

And now a bit from bridge piercing history. The first person known to the general public to have a bridge piercing was Erl van Aken – a body modification pioneer from the 80ies and 90ies.

As you can see this guy has a hell lot of piercings on his body (would you like to see him naked – click here! ) and for his bridge piercing he’s been using both bridge rings and bridge barbells.

But I’d suggest,  and I think that any professional body piercer will tell you this, it’s better go for some body jewelry that is better suited for surface piercings. You see, the bridge piercing is essentially a surface piercing and it has quite a high rate of migration. As you can naturally imagine, nostrils and septum can’t really push the nose piercing out and your body is kind of forced to keep the piercing in.

However, the bridge of the nose is a place where both sides of the piercing project outside the body on the same surface, hence the name “surface piercing” and the high rejection rate. It’s easier for the body to push the piercing out rather than heal the wound forming a nice hole with a new skin it.

Anyway, if you take good care of your bridge piercing and follow the bridge piercing aftercare guidelines, you should be on the safe side. The initial bridge jewelry is also an essential element to make sure the fresh piercing heals properly and you don’t have to worry it would leave a scar after rejection, as may happen.

So surface bars, curved barbells and body jewelry made of supple materials like bioplast and PTFE would be the best option if you consider getting a bridge piercing for yourself.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to get 3 bridge piercing with industrial bars, but not in just the skin. Is it possible to pierce through the cartilage, closer to the base of the nose?

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