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Where Does Nostril Piercing Come From?

Nostril piercing is pretty much what it says – it’s a pierced hole that goes through the skin of a nostril.

The tiny little nose studs inserted in a small nostril piercing are discreet and sometimes barely noticeable.

I can imagine anyone from a secretary at the reception desk in a large global company, to a young schoolgirl wearing a tiny little diamond nose stud. They are a fashion to suit people in all walks of life.

But or course, there are other nostril piercings which may seem not as innocent as the previously described one.

There are many folks who love stretching their piercings and the nostril piercing isn’t an exemption. Large gauge nostril piercings are becoming more common among body modification fanatics and I guess we’ve all seen guys and gals with large plugs inserted in the either side of their nose.

But now let’s look at how the nostril piercing became popular here in the West.

Well, the direct inspiration for this was the Indian girls who wear nostril piercings like studs and rings to this day.

And when the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s became very attached to the eastern religions (let’s remember George Harrison from the Beatles!) – not before long they began piercing their nostrils and wear nose body jewelry.

So as opposed to the navel piercing for example, which went mainstream back in the early 90’s, the nose piercing has a longer history.

Double nostril piercings,  nasallang piercings, multiple nostril piercings and many other forms are all very popular nowadays.

9 thoughts on “Where Does Nostril Piercing Come From?”

  1. I’ve just pierced my own nose and I love it and did it for ME .comments like seth nig’s are ridiculous and dated!

    1. noseringsadmin

      You’re dead right Andi, it’s all about what YOU like and other people’s opinions don’t really matter because there’ll be always someone who’s against everything!

  2. Wow I’ve never seen anyone gauge a nose piercing. That seems like a fairly bad idea. What if you wanted to take out the plugs? Would it look like your ear lobes when people take those out?

  3. I understand that piercing the nose is a kind of fashion thing but i still dont fully understand the concept of it i relly want to get my nose pierced but my dad doesn’t want me to because he said that in some cultures that it originated from the reason why women got their nose pierced is because the women where treated bad like cattle and people pierce their bulls noses so they can control them and its a symbol of treating women bad or somthing…… but my mother totally disagrees with him because in her country women get their noses pierced when they get married to show that their married and for fashion so my mom said she doesn’t care if i get it pierced but my dad is totally against it…he said if i could find more info about it he would let me get my nose pierced what do yall thing please help me out and give my your thoughts on it or some info about it where it came from i relly need help convincing him

  4. psh i got my bridge and nose piercings are for chicks out of date sry yes they started mostly with guys, but now the women took it over, no getting it back. and nose rings suck ass. studs are better. but grow nuts get, and get a real piercing, your nose=chicks/no balls

  5. every boys and male should have pierced their nostril and wear nose stud insread of nose ring.they should also pierced ears also

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