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Bloody Mess!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ellie Harris from New Salem, Massachusetts

Bloody mess nose piercing story

So I’ve wanted my nose pierced since I was younger, but my dad always said no 🙁

A few days ago I was stuck at a car dealership with my mom waiting for her car to get an oil change and I knew there was a piercing place down the street so I asked my mom if we could get my nose pierced and she have me the usual answer “ask your father” so I knew I was screwed, but I texted him anyways and he said yes cuz I’m 17 and finally deserve it ❗ So I looked online on my phone to check the hours for the piercing place I knew of and they said they were permanently closed, I was NOT happy!

So I found another one just down the road, but when I went there they said they only did tattoos now!

But the girl there did tell me of another place about 10 minutes away, so we decided to go there. We walked in and the place was awesome, they had so many different pieces of jewelry and decorations! I was so ready for this! So I chose a silver 18g ring and went to the waiting area and obviously got a little nervous, I already have 5 different ear piercings but I never got my nose pierced before.

A guy came out and called my name, my mom couldn’t come in with my cuz my little sister was with her and wasn’t allowed in the room so I was going in alone. He sat me on a chair that kind of looked like a dentist chair and sterilized my nose.

He told me he had to put a little tube in my nose, not what I expected, then he stuck the needle through my nose and slipped the ring in. Only a second later I realized I felt something dripping down my face and he said “yup, you’re a bleeder.” I looked in the mirror and there was blood running down my nose and cheek, oops 🙂

Let’s just say I ended up walking out holding a tissue to my nose. He told me I had to soak it with a cotton ball soaked in salt water every night and morning for 5-10 minutes and gave me a little pack of sea salt and a pamphlet with extra info.

Everyone was really nice and helpful with any questions I had, it was a great experience and the piercing is healing well! 😉

* * *

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