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Getting Pierced High By My Best Friend

This nose piercing story was sent in by Ayjay Villasin from Chicago

Getting pierced high


Hi c; My Name is Ayjay and I’ve had a 16g septum piercing for almost 5 weeks. Besides my ears, this is the first piercing I’ve ever got.

I never liked typical piercings. Lip piercings like snake bites, Monroe… Eyebrow piercings, industrial bar, cartilage. I loved how septum looked – idk what it was but it caught my attention more than other piercings have! It wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too conservative. It was also a BONUS that you could hide it 🙂 I love all septums but on me I prefer a teeny tiny little one that just shows 2 little balls c:

I was hiding it at first from my mom but I came home several times forgetting to flip it up! She doesn’t really care. I’m 16 at the moment and I got pierced at my best friend’s house…

I know that everyone hates people that pierce themselves but trust me; I studied my ASS off for this. I didn’t wanna get an infection; I wanted to make sure everything was right 😉 I’ve wanted a septum for about 2 years. I finally decided I wanted to actually get it in the beginning of sophomore year. I got it done in June! It took a long time for it to actually happen. I read about septums and self-piercing for almost a whole school year. I read and looked up as much as I could.

I tried going to two tattoo shops with my older cousin pretending to be my “brother” but they didn’t but it, lol! THEN, my best friend’s sister had a hook up down south and did piercings for only $10. He pierced his own septum and pierced my best friend’s sister. I waited and waited ‘til he contacted her back but it took forever ONLY to get sent off. As you can tell I was soooooooooo tired of waiting and saw that if someone pierces you it’s much much easier than doing it yourself. (Watching people do their own piercing on YouTube gives me a headache and I’m sure for everyone too!)

I bought sterile hollow piercing needles on Amazon and got the jewelry at Spencer’s. (I knowwwwww, big mistake. I know I shouldn’t have but I haven’t got an infection and my piercing is doing very well). It was a silver circular barbell. Super tiny!

The needles finally came in and the next day my best friend & I pierced each other ❗

My best friend wanted a nose piercing. I could only buy needles online obviously, and I have a spending problem and didn’t wanna spend more money on different gauge needles so…. I used a 14 g to pierce a nose piercing on her. I figured it was better to pierce it with a sterile needle rather than a dirty safety pin.

She and I had just finished smoking and I popped a Xanax. Before anyone judging me, I did not feel ANYTHING and I thank god I did get high because if I didn’t, I would’ve panicked and focused on feeling pain. We both can focus very well when we need to and we don’t act stupid 🙂

I disinfected the jewelry, my nose, and hers. Marked where the piercing was supposed to go and I laid down on her bed. I was sooooooo scared omg but I was really happy at the same time. She counted to 3, I inhaled, and when I exhaled, I felt NOTHING! It actually felt good, even! I screamed SOOOO loud because it was shocking! And I remembered laughing and smiling so much. I put the piercing through the needle and not even that hurt. What was a bitch though, WAS THE BALL. OH MY GOD. It felt like ages trying to get it on! I can’t believe I was high and actually did all this…

For aftercare, I didn’t have the chance to get any sea salt, so at home I used hand soap. It was clear but scented. I cleaned it at morning & night ’til a week later, finally getting sea salt.

The healing process was fine. Had a few crusties, nothing serious. No bumps or cysts. Wasn’t problematic at all. My piercing at the moment feels amazing and the pain is gone. I can’t wait to change the jewelry to a BCR!

* * *

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