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Nose Piercing Story: 3rd Try

This nose piercing story has been submitted by Cece N, Biloxi, MS

Nose Piercing 3rd Try


So after 2 tries & fails in the left nostril I finally decided to give it another try & to also celebrate the birth of my 3rd child! 😉

Dec. 12th called up a local piercing shop to see if they could do it that night and they could even BETTER piercings are half off on Thursday.

This process was very different from the other two being this piercer had me lay down while he did my piercing.

I told him about my two attempts & fails he looked at the tiny but visible scar and decided to do the right nostril and also in a different placement.

He marked the dot on my nostril let me check it out in the mirror then told me to take a deep breath and pushed the needle through.

Quick easy and painless so far this piercing has lasted longer than my other two i’m VERY happy with it 🙂

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