Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Keeping Up the Family Nose Piercing Tradition!

Family nose piercing tradition

So I was 12 when I decided to continue on with the tradition of getting my nose pierced. It runs in the family for the ladies to have it. So 3 years passed and one day I was pumped and ready to do it! 😉

On the way there I was saying how I’m going to take it like a champ. We got to the place and there was a lady named Linda, she was going to perform the piercing for me.

She gave me the marker and asked me to dot where I wanted it. I found the perfect spot on my nose.

Before she even grabbed the clamps I broke down crying. Like sobbing and everything! 😡

I begged my mom to not get it but then my boyfriend Sam, walked in and I had to pick myself up. He asked if everything was fine and I said yes. I knew I had to go ahead and get through with this.

I sat in the chair and told Linda I was ready even though I wasn’t. She put the clamp on my nose and grabbed the needle and pierced my nose. I yelled out ouch and a big tear fell ❗

My mom thought it was funny so she was just laughing. It was painful for me like on a scale of 1-10 I was about an 8 for me. It was way more than just a little pinch.

So after my nose was sore it stayed sour for about 3 day. Linda gave me a booklet that explains how to help it heal, how to clean and take of the piercing.

I went home and on the way my nose started throbbing other than that it was fine. The pain lasted for about 10 seconds then it was gone.

The soreness felt like how it would feel if you hit your nose! 😉


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