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Nose Ring Guide

Pierced Off!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Jenna Deacon from Barnet, UK.

Nose Piercing Experience

I first decided to get my nose pierced because my aunt had one and I have always loved it and also as I felt I needed a change after just splitting with my bf of a year.

I pestered my mum for it for ages and she finally agreed (with much reluctance!) that I could get it done after I finished my GCSEs as a reward and also as a 16th birthday treat. This was to be my first proper piercing as all I had done before was my ears at Claire’s and my second ear piercings I had done myself.

I chose this cute little piercing shop down the road from me as many of my mates had got piercings done there before and it was the cheapest place around. I went in the day before to book my appointment but the lovely lady who owns the place just said turn up around midday, so that’s what I did but instead of being welcomed with open arms I was fronted with a tall gold teeth clad, dreadlocked man who shunned me away as a tattoo was taking place and was told to come back in half an hour 😡

For many this would deter them but I had waited too long to get this done so there was no way I was backing out now. My mate and I wandered around the secluded street for what seemed like ages in the pouring rain for the half hour, then finally retreated back to the shop.

Once back at the shop I was regarded with the same icy attitude as before and had a form thrust into my hands to sign to say I consented. I was then shown into what looked like a hole in the wall were the piercing bed was, I grabbed my mates hand for moral support and we both headed over to the guy who was doing my nose but was told she had to stay in the other room.

So I faced it alone… 🙁

As I sat on the bed it finally all seamed real and my heart was racing, the guy asked what side I wanted and I told him my left but he seemed a little confused and told me bashfully he didn’t really speak English so to point at what side!

He dotted me then I lay down on the bed. He clamped me nose and finally stuck the needle in. It seemed to go on for ages and at one point I asked “Is it over?” but the man just laughed softly and said “Nope honey I still need to put the real piercing in!”

All I could think was that this is what I wanted at that it would be worth it. And I was right!! It was finally over and I was allowed to look at in the mirror, I fell in instantly in love with it and the slight pain didn’t bother me as it was just a dull throbbing sensation ❗

I wasn’t given any guidelines on how to look after it or any information about it but thankfully down to blogs I kind of got the idea of what to do. I’ve only had it a little while but so far it hasn’t got infected and I’ve only heard good comments about it so it was all worth it in the end.

However I haven’t managed to build up the courage to change it yet but I plan to swap the sliver stud for a gold ring from prom so it matches my dress 😉 I would recommend a nose piercing to anyone as its quite a simple looking piercing but gives that much needed edge to your look as in the words of my best mate I now give off the impression “Oh look I’m so lovely but I’ve still got a hard side so don’t get on the wrong side of me!” LOL  🙂

But I would say to talk to the piercing place first about the piercing you’re getting done and also about aftercare so to stop yourself feeling like a blind bat and also to lower the risk of infection, which was on my mind a lot in the early stages.

Hope my story has helped you make your mind up about your piercing and I’m sure you experience will be better than mine.

Much love! Jenna 😉

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