Nose Rings Guide

Nose Ring Guide

Young, Hardcore, and Seriously Naïve!

This nose piercing story was sent in by Makala Garloff from Santa Rosa, California.

Nose Piercing Story


On my 15 birthday my mom and I decided I could get my nose pierced. She had hers pierced at fifteen too! 😉

We went online and looked at reviews of local shops. They all had good reviews so we just picked the cheapest.

We showed up and everything seemed fine. The artist was really friendly and pierced up. She later told us it was her first day. This made me nervous but we continued…

She was struggling with the supplies. We marked where I’d be pierced. As she inserts the needle she starts to shake. It’s half way through when it breaks! 😡

I start bleeding like crazy. She starts to cry and apologize…

Another artist came in and fixed it. He apologized about the service and didn’t make us pay. We left directly after.

Since then I have had my septum pierced. That went much better! 😀

* * *

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